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  1. That's fantastic. I can now amaze my wife. Thanks
  2. So you are saying you would like a Mask themed show in the arena?
  3. It seems like its been a while since you asked. Your restraint has been amazing.
  4. Nice job. It came out great. Did you find instructions online or did you figure it out?
  5. I thought some of you might be interested. I was driving up the parkway last night and noticed that they have a drive through light show. I remember going to one there years ago but it was stopped. I don't know if was done last year but I expect I will be going with my family around the 20th. http://magicoflights.com/newjersey/
  6. That stinks. I was afraid that would happen to me when I ordered the PS4 Spiderman bundle last Saturday/Sunday from Walmart.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. I am a prime member but I expect that my daughter and I will be watching Spiderman into the Spider-Verse on that day
  8. At least if you do black Fridays these days you don't have to wait outside. I've spent a lot of cold nights waiting for the doors to open at Best Buy or Walmart, or Target
  9. LOL I thought you wanted to get rid of the Runaway Train
  10. But I see him every day on Teen Titans Go. Love him on that. Oh, I love Cyborg on The Walking Dead also.
  11. Fantastic, as always. I agree with Yoshi, the new light ups are cool. I always look forward to see what will be new each year. I hope it was El Diablo and not El Toro that's been dismantled
  12. Looks perfect for Holiday. Great shots.
  13. Nice job. I think it was the picture that made me remember more than the name.
  14. aaaaah yes!!! Ugh I remember now that you told us.
  15. I've never gotten sick but over the last year or so I've started to find myself getting dizzy at the end of Batman the Ride.
  16. Shouldn't it be against the rules for all rides, for health reasons? You know, girls have cooties.
  17. Not even close. There is no way to make that analogy work or make sense. Both movies essentially tell the same story they were released by the same production company and shown using the same media so in a sense it is a remake/reboot. Calling Sonic a Nintendo game is not calling it a remake/reboot. Oh, and nobody does this, you can play Sonic games on all of the platforms, except a Sega Genesis unless you have one. (I do)
  18. I'm not sure why they're idiots. It's a challenge they want to take and it sounds like it could be fun to try. I would enjoy a 30 hour nap. Hmmm, maybe I'm an idiot.
  19. I didn't see anything on the park page but I believe the gates close at 8:00 even on days when the park closes at midnight like tonight.
  20. Thanks Lemur. I actually agree with you and I don't think the stunt arena is going anywhere. I was just kidding. I don't know where the theming is derived from. I always assumed it was the movies as it had felt like they opened close together. Oh, and since Shazam seems like it will be a fun super hero movie and not as dark as other DC movies I think it would be better theming for a ride geared towards the younger crowd. I(f it was to be used as the theme for anything.
  21. It just seems logical. Who needs a source, where else would a T-Rex go? I hear it will be called Shazam! A little late for the movie but a name that hasn't been used yet.
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