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  1. Happy Birthday Yoshi!!!!!!!!! I remember 36. I think.
  2. I cant say that I've heard the sound effects in the queue in years.
  3. Although its a tropical storm now it is expected to increase and be a hurricane again by the time it is near the states. This is from Weather.com https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2018-09-06-hurricane-florence-atlantic-ocean-bermuda-us-east-coast Scenario 1: If that high-pressure ridge is stronger and extends farther west, that would increase the chance of a hurricane landfall along the East Coast, particularly over some part of the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic coast mid- to late next week, with the remnant then driving inland. Prognosis: Increasingly possible
  4. LOL good point. If only I got that far to see it and remember that was a thing.
  5. For a business the membership represents steady income that's guaranteed. That helps to plan for spending and showing that steady income quarterly to investors and anyone else who matters so it makes sense. There are some pretty good benefits for switching to a membership but when I weighed those benefits to the extra cost and what I would be able to take advantage of I decided to stay with my pass.
  6. I tried for a few hours to renew my families passes with no luck yesterday. We were on our way to Freehold Raceway Mall so it wasn't much of a detour to swing into the park to get it done. We did it not knowing if they would be extending the offer. When we got there we found out that the renewal offer was only good online. so I had to pay a whopping $1 more per pass. Ok, that's no big deal but there was also a couple of other benefits to renewing over buying a new pass. one was a bring a friend free to fright fest and the other was an additional $50 worth of in park savings. that's $200 if I
  7. I didn't notice any lost benefits for the season pass. I will be sticking with the gold season pass as it has everything we need
  8. I expect the bonus 3 months refer to the 2019 memberships being good for the rest of 2018 and all of 2019
  9. I think I saw this exact same post someplace just a minute or two ago in a different thread. Well I am getting old. Maybe its all in my head.
  10. It took me a couple of days but after being away on a work trip I am all caught up with my readings of all of your postings. Thank you for keeping me connected with the goings on.
  11. Its a pretty sharp picture of the ride. My first thought was "Ooooooo, someone had their camera out on the Flying Waaaaaave!!!" Camera, not phone for our younger friends.
  12. Well, all of this Raptor and T-Rex talk has kept the old Six Flags TV questions away.
  13. I had a chance this summer to ride this with my daughter. She didn't appreciate it. Her poor little head was hurting after bouncing off of the restraints.
  14. I like the open area on the lake now and I hope it stays that way. There are other areas that can be used for a new attraction.
  15. I didn't make it either. After the disappointing firework display we went to I wanted to get over to the park, forgetting that it was only until the 4th. I was wishfully thinking that is was until the 6th or 7th.
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