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  1. Jake is writing the captions...while Josh takes a shower. These are the best 120 pictures out of the 600+ Josh and I took yesterday. Enjoy. Mrs. Davidson and Caitey enjoying the water park. Marissa and her friend were also having fun. Mr. Pirate says "Welcome to the most epic PTR ever." Mmmmmm....toasty. The fire moved these rides around a little. Josh was bored waiting for me to arrive... Careful, handicaps falling from wheelchairs....WTH???? The bumper cars were anxious to open... Yumm...too bad I wasn't there in time T
  2. I agree with Superman being a good addition for Kentucky Kingdom, but America all ready has Batwing, I don't think having two flyers (even though one is a Vekoma) would work out. Flyers are not necessarily a "gimmick", but if you put them in a area where people have never seen a flying coaster before, it will amaze A LOT of people and bring them out. And Chang would be a fun ride to see come to the park! A return of a stand-up to the park, LOL. Plus, they could easily target the newer generation that wasn't around for Shockwave. I doubt many people (minus the old park veterans & coast
  3. Is it me or when you see a photograph of this ride running in its course it looks almost like a roller coaster model, LOL. I think it is the colors of the trains but it is pretty funny. And you are right about that signature shot! LOL! Great photos though!
  4. LOL Harry it could be the light just making the station look half blue, half brown on the top
  5. Thank you! Exactly how I put it! But when someone tries to slagger my site I just am not going to just sit there and listen to him, especially when he is trying to get us a bad image. Like I said this site is great, you guys all have done a amazing job covering the past with everything! You guys have a impressive old park employees demograph, so much content, and intelligent posters, but like I said when I see someone (especially at my own site), I just can not tolerate it anymore. Especially when we never did anything to spark it except having a enthusiastic forum community...
  6. Nothing against History, you guys are the best. Harry is the man, Tom has really made this site amazing. [off topic rant] But just maybe, one day a grown man will grow up and act like his own age. Maybe one day. I mean just look at like just a few of his posts. For real, it is like every other post of you is trying to talk about are site or making fun of our members. How old are you? If you got a problem with my site, be a man and just say it to one of the staff members faces on there. Don't go posting around and attempting to make fun of us.. really. O
  7. We got some photos of Bizzaro testing here. The last row only has two seats.
  8. The Online squad will be out enjoying the day! I really do not know which ride I will hit first, I am going to guess Toro but I really will just drift in any direction my friends want to go. That is part of the fun of going to the park is not having to worry about what ride first, blah blah. I look forward to the new Big Wheel and hopefully you will be able to see a tad of the new Medusa.
  9. Harry, the new float for the Glow in the Park Parade is confirmed now, just to toss in there.
  10. Yeah man, the awesome members on my site and my great staff are going to make this season the best!
  11. Sigh, I can not afford a season pass which equals me not going to opening day or really any day to the park this season..
  12. Wow, look how good the colors looked back then. Back when the colors were that sharp and non-faded, it was my favorite color scheme among roller coasters. Good spotlight guys.
  13. WOW! Park looks like it is shaping up, and man does it bring memories from last years construction tour, it was so fun. Thanks for the awesome photos guys, you covered everything I was very interested at! Plus that was awesome the park did this for you guys, they are the best!
  14. A member on my site posted this finding and decided to share it with my pals here at GAH.
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