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One Last Shot of the 2008 Season


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This is a topic I was thinking of last night. Since the season is coming to an end, I thought it would be most appropriate to incorporate the last four operating days of the 2008 season into an interactive game.


The rules are simple:


  • Each day there will be a new theme. Since there are only four operating days left, there will obviously be four themes.
  • The winner of this Saturday's contest will choose the category of this Sunday's contest, and so forth until November 2nd.
  • The object of the game is to snap the BEST picture of the theme given.
  • Please remember, though, to stay within limits of park boundaries. No pictures will be accepted from restricted areas.
  • Make the picture pretty, symmetric, and 'post card friendly'.

Sound easy enough? Wrong.

This is an extremely difficult game involving precise angles and steady hands to snap the perfect shot.

Want in? Then listen up.


This Saturday's Theme will be:


El Toro


For this Saturday (10/25/08), please snap the best picture you can of El Toro's final snake turns.

Use whatever angle you can, and remember to stay within legal park boundaries!

The winner will have the honor of selecting this Sunday's theme!



Good Luck!!!


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