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TDL Mickey Mouse Revue to be Replaced by PhilharMagic

the original Mickey Mouse Revue or New PhilharMagic  

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  1. 1. The Originals or the latest and greatest

    • Original Mickey Mouse Revue(at WDW From 1971-1980)
    • Mickey's PhilharMagic(At WDW 2003 and replacing MMR at Tokyo Disney)

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I just read on Screamscape that Tokyo Disney will add a Mickey's PhilharMagic Attraction. It will, however replace the Original Mickey Mouse Revue. If anybody went to Disney World from 1971-1980, you probably remmber the Mickey Mouse Revue. It was a theater style attraction where an animatronic Mickey Mouse and other characters played in an orchestra(conducted by Mickey) playing favorite classic Disney songs. Mickey's Phillar Magic is an excellent new 4-d theater experience, which is sort of a computer generated version of Mickey Mouse Revue. Which do you prefer? I would prefer the original. I love the old Disney, not that, that, that fond of the new Disney. But, if it must be taken out, I wouldn't mind it ending up in NJ or my personal theater

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I never saw it because it was removed 5 years before my first trip to WDW. Phillar Magic is very good but I always wanted to see the Mickey Mouse Revue especially since there will always be new 3D/4D films but I don't see anything like Mickey Mouse Revue ever built again.

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Mickey's PhilharMagic is a good show, but I always loved the audio-animatronic presentations over films. Below are some pictures I took of the Mickey Mouse Revue from a semi-recent visit to Tokyo Disneyland. I have a ton of better photos from a trip I took back in 2001 but I have to find them. The Oriental Land Company grabbed this from WDW when it went shopping for their new park back in the 80s. It seems like they just transplanted the entire attraction, Pepto-pink lobby and preshow area and all.











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Wow, I have seen the Mickey Mouse Revue but didn't remember what it was until I saw those pictures. It's been a long time. I was back at the Magic Kingdom this past June for the first time in 12 years and experienced Mickey's Philharmagic. It was one of my favorite attractions at Disney. It was fun and truly exciting. The ending was my favorite! So, I think this will be a positive move for Tokyo Disneyland. (Even though I've never been)




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I love Phillar Magic and it DEFINETELY has a better storyline than MMR in my opinion, but I just love the Disney spirit from the 1970's that the MMR has. also, there are currently 2 Phillar's MAgic and 1 MMR, so if we lsot Phillar MAgic(MPM), it wouldn't be a total lost, but MMR would be. Also, theres a full article on Screamscape.com. Sorry, I just don't know how to put it in article form that's like a quote.

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I hope they save the Donald, Jose, and Panchito figures from the Mickey Mouse Revue and add them to the "Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros" (formerly El Rio del Tiempo) ride at Mexico in EPCOT.


It took seven years but I am happy it happened! Click HERE to read the story.

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