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Parachuter's Perch - UPDATED Spotlight!


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Ohh,true theres too many people to know that are on these sites...Everyone knows us of course though =D just kidding.But that sucks about the loop,atleast you have Houdini gafreak!


I haven't seen Sam in so long,I always used to see him with Steve or the one lady who was at cables like every day towards the middle of the summer for reasons I can't say lol.

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With only two weekends left, I have to wonder if the park will take the time to change the red, white, and blue parachtures to the new multicolored ones or simply wait until next season. They may change them out if they want to snap some pictures of it for next years pamphlet/marketing.


I am sure it was important for the parachutes to play a part in the Six Flags 50th Anniversary celebration, especially since it was Six Flags who worked with Intamin to develop the technology for the modern version of the classic parachute tower ride.

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That's a good question... It's likely for a rehab would seem pointless with simply a fresh coat of paint. I'm all for it. I actually didn't see it running last Friday for some reason, but it wasn't listed as closed on the board. Oh well. Just throwing this out there, what if as a promotional thing Six Flags would do an actual jump/ parachute show off one of their towers. It could work but with money and safety, it wouldn's seem high on their list.

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