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Six Flags Rollercoaster Cuts Opening in 2009

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Well business is doing good I take it. If I remember correctly, they are just liscensing their name anyways.


July 2010: Six Flags Rollercoaster Cuts was recently named "Best Children's Haircuts" by the 2010 Best of the Main Line Suburban Life and Main Line Times Awards.




As long as money is made then they should keep them.


EDIT: After posting this, I noticed that if you go to Book Appointment, it says the location in Blue Back Square is Offline. Now does this mean its closed or they just aren't doing online bookings. The King of Prussia location, however, you can still book an appointment.




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I don't think the King of Prussia location is doing that well. I go to King of Prussia maybe once every 6 weeks - 2 months and every time I walk by the store, it maybe has 1 or 2 people in it. There are a couple problems. 1 is the cost, $20 and although it includes a picture I don't think a lot of parents want to spend that much on a hair cut. Secondly, around half of the store is not for haircuts and is a toy store with some SF themed stuff but mostly regular toys. Parents may not want to take their kids in there because the kids are going to want to buy something in addition to the hair cut.


I will admit it is cool to see Nitro and other coasters running on the TV's outside the store while walking past it though. :D

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