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Great Adventure park reinventing the wheel


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It really would be a shame to close down the wheel for FF with the new lighting and rehab done with it. At the same time Dead Man's Party in front of the Wheel is a real staple of FF. There is plenty of reasoning either way so we will have to see. I think a lit up wheel timed to the show would be pretty awesome though.

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Just an FYI, with the bad weather on Friday they weren't able to install the lights but they expect to have them up for next weekend!


They planed on doing it on Friday? Didnt they think that was runing it a little close? Next time............. :)

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I was a bit disappointed that the lights were not up on Saturday, but as long as there is nothing majorly wrong that they didn't go up I suppose it is all good. I was definately hoping for a ride on the newly refurbished and complete wheel, but there will definately be more days to come.

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You are very lucky. By the time we got over to it it had been closed down so that was out of th question. Though with the wind gusts we probably were better off. Still can't wait to see the finished rpduct on our next visit.

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Tonight was the first night with the new LED lighting on the Big Wheel and it looks GREAT! It still needs some fine tuning (a couple of the bulbs appear to be duds) and there is one strip of lights still missing, but overall it looks really good to see it lit properly again. The bulbs look just like the old ones and they do not look like traditional LEDs, but the light is very different.


The light show is really cool with changing patterns and the flower "blooming", and occurs every half hour and lasts for almost 3 minutes.


Here are some pictures. Click HERE for a video!



















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I was at the Park all day yesterday and I had a feeling they were going to Light The Wheel last night. All the Bulbs were in (except for the one Ballast that is missing) So we got "Stamped" and came back after we went home for Dinner. As soon as we were walking up on it they flipped the switch. It does look great. The only thing that is not lit is the "Hub" piece, where the Six Flags sign is.



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