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A Great Adventure on a Bizarro ride


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From the Asbury Park Press:


A Great Adventure on a Bizarro ride

Theme park bases coaster on supervillain



JACKSON — For nearly seven months, roller coaster buffs nationwide have been trying to piece together the new theme of Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park's floorless thrill ride.


To those detectives who had Bizarro in the office pool, you win.


Appropriately, executives at Six Flags Inc., the parent company of Great Adventure, chose to unveil its new roller coaster theme and design on April Fool's Day. And the announcement culminates a months-long viral marketing campaign that captured the fancy of thousands of Internet detectives and amusement park aficionados.


"It's a way to get a buzz among coaster enthusiasts," said Jim Futrell, author and historian for National Amusement Park Historical Association. "This did create quite a buzz."


Since closing the Great Adventure and Six Flags New England theme parks last fall for the season, the company spent the winter months transforming the popular Medusa roller coasters. The company hired the innovative marketing firm 42 Entertainment to help promote the ride's reopening.


Part of the strategy was to release clues to the new theme through Twitter, Internet blogs and chat rooms. Copies of The Daily Planet were inserted in weekly and daily publications in the eastern region. The Daily Planet, the newspaper featured in the Superman comics series — provided clues to the thematic transformation of the roller coaster.


The end result of the transformation was a closely guarded secret among park officials.


According to 42 Entertainment CEO and President Susan Bonds, about 500,000 people were exposed to the Internet-based campaign. The firm estimates about 15 to 20 percent of those have been playing along in the alternative reality game.


Futrell said the same strategy was used successfully in 2007-08 by Hershey Park (Pa.), management to promote it's new roller coaster — Fahrenheit.


Bizarro has been one of the central characters in the Superman comics series since 1958. DC Comics, the creator of Superman, worked in conjunction with the promotion.


Riders of the roller coaster will get briefed on the mysterious background of the Bizarro character prior to stepping onto the roughly 3 1/2-minute trip.


"What better way to represent such a twisted, exciting character like Bizarro than with such a twisting, exciting roller coaster?" said Cheryl Rubin, DC Comics senior vice president of brand management in an e-mail.


Great Adventure spokeswoman Angel Aristone said some of the refurbishing includes a new sound system to enhance the ride.


The park opens for the season on Saturday.


However, the coaster won't be open to ride until a still-to-be determined date in May, said Aristone.

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I just read this on Six Flags web site:


Known for his clumsy and destructive attempts to emulate Superman, everything in Bizarro's world is twisted and backwards. The Bizarro experience begins the moment you enter the ride queue line through a custom-created comic book story. Climb aboard the newly-designed coaster cars with custom built audio in the headrest. Experience the sensation of flying as your feet dangle above the track. Plummet at 60 mph through Bizarro's freeze vision "cool zone." Twist and turn through seven loops, then blast past bursts of Bizarro 's fire breath and race by bizarre scenes and illusions. This

mind-boggling 3,985-foot twisting journey of storytelling and high tech elements will take your imagination to another dimension.



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Heh, I love how the back-story makes perfect sense and has a hint of Time Warner's theming attentiveness for SFNE but is the most lame-brained move for GADV. It's right along the lines of something Premier Parks would've pulled when they owned the parks before they caught on with Ka and Toro. I mean, the "crown jewel" park of the chain can't even get a legit back-story for it's ride refurb? Did it really have to be Bizzaro Superman? Priority failure?

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I think there might be some confusion.........im talking about having trouble uploading to the Bizarro site. Or is this what you were talking about?

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While on El Toro today (4/9/09), I was looking over my shoulder during the trip up the lift towards Medusa, sorry Bizzaro and could see trenches dug in the corkscrew and the turn right after the MCBR, so I think it's safe to say there are some type of effects going in those locations. Also, there was no tunnel on the lift! :P

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I walked arounf the backside of the northern star arena and saw a really good view of those trenches yesterday! I also noticed black boxes on the MCBR and lift and I cant remember if these were here before. Anyone know?


Also on the LexCorp securtie site at www.LexCorpInternational/security, there is a new login page asking for username/password. I also noticed u can enter your phone number at the bottom and lexcorp will call you about the security status!

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