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Medusa (AKA Bizarro)

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SFNE's Bizarro had problems and people just didn't like the seats. Everyone loves our Bizarro, one of the main reasons the theming. Yeah, they could take Bizarro's theme elements and make them a Med

i cant see the pic above, when is this coaster special, i couldnt locaTe any info on it?


Its a video from youtube for the show called Time Warp, and its a preview for a episode they're doing on the other Bizzaro coaster.

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i cant see the pic above, when is this coaster special, i couldnt locaTe any info on it?

It was a year ago. It wasn't even a coaster special, it just had a segment on SFNE's Bizarro and Shipwreck Falls.


BMax its not even a preview that was pretty much the whole segement they had on it.


Here are more clips from the episode. http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time-warp-...cars-cups-cans/


For some reason Shipwreck Falls is under water coaster.


So if you're looking for it to air, its the Time Warp episode named Coasters, Cars, Cups because they went to SFNE, did car stunts, and did cup stacking.

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No. They just took a similarly sounding Jackie Cooper line and put it there after media day.

I was on the other day, and all the audio was exactly the same as it was when the ride opened. Perhaps they only changed certain trains?


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I'm surprised no one mentioned it, but I noticed the "auger of doom" is down for work. It was strange riding Bizzaro yesterday without it being there. Also funny to see the fluorescent green paint starting to show on the lift hill where the anti-rollbacks catch.

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Below is an interesting article from April 1998 in Amusement Business. Initially Medusa was described as a "B&M 'prototype' heartline coaster" where "people will sit in a car with their feet dangling below them and the car will sit between the tracks, not above or below". Not exactly what was built!



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