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Photo Trip Report: April 4th, 2009


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Today was one of the windier opening days that I can remember, but it was still great to be at GA as they opened their gates and welcomed another season of families and thrill-seekers!


Be sure to visit my 29yrswithaGApass 2009 Visits album for more than 150 additional photos from today's festivities.


All the animals were out and about and some were putting on a show!



As we mentioned, the new Safari section signs look great.



Renovation work is being done in the Safari's tiger section.



These two little ones at the Safari Exploration Station are really cute!



These guys aren't as cute!



Although the Big Wheel still needs its new LED lights, it still looks incredible!



Bizarro as seen from the newly refurbished Big Wheel.



The X-ploratorium under construction as seen from above.



The Cyber-Cafe on Dream Street is still under construction.



The Boardwalk Food Court makes great use of the less-used side of the games area.




The Log Flume even opened around 2pm!



Mr. Six pauses for a photo-op.



And let's not forget the wonderfully restored horses on the Carousel!



Once again my 29yrswithaGApass 2009 Visits album has over 150 additional photos from today.

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Great to see the Log Flume open so early in the season. I hope it is open tomorrow as well. Only thing that concerns me is those water cannons (depending on the temperature outside).


After looking at the pictures I see the Log Flume sign no longer has the "this ride operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day only" sign next to it. I hope that means it will operate all of April and May and even some of September.

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Today didn't go so well to say the least,I heard alot of guests complaining while telling them my ride as well as other rides they wanted to go on were closed,the wind killed today,tomorow should be alot better for all the rides.

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I also went today on opening today. And man was it windy. I was kind of disappointed today overall. Getting to the park and seeing only 5 out of the 12 (not including medusa because we knew it wouldn't be open) coasters not open. Nitro and Kingda Ka were down the whole day. Kingda Ka I knew from the wind it probably wouldn't be running. El Toro didn't open until 12 and it ran 1 train the entire day. Nitro I saw in the morning test run a train was stopped on the lift hill and the MCBR. El Toro running 1 train and Nitro not being open bugged me the most....but it was nice to be back at GADV! I did get to ride the big wheel and I think we were the last people of the day to ride it because the cut off the line right after us (about 11:45am) and I didn't see it re-open. From El Toro's lift hill I saw a lot of dirt dug up by Medusa. I didn't see anything else installed.

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Harry I always love checking out your trip reports. I sometimes think some of these pictures somehow stage just for you because you really do tend to get some great ones. I was as shocked as I think everyone else to see the Log Flume running. It wasn't until we heard people on it while eating out back at BOTW that we even knew it was operating.


Hopefully there are no lasting problems from the Nitro valley in the winds, but I guess we shall see. Again Harry great photos from the park, and good seeing you again over the weekend.

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Several kiddie rides have been mothballed this season including those in Balin's Jungleland and the Stagecoach ride in Bugs Bunny National Park. It is probably because of low ridership per attraction especially since many of the attractions are duplicated in other kiddie areas. For example, the park has four kiddie airplane style rides. Hopefully GA will keep the remaining rides open during normal operating hours (without closing certain rides at 8pm) and bring these when the added capacity is needed.


It's also possible that some of these may be rotated to other Six Flags parks and reintroduced as parts of new Wiggles World or Thomas The Tank attractions. With every park receiving new attractions for Six Flags' 50th in 2011, I think we will see a lot of swapping going on and not just with kiddie rides.


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