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Very interesting, I wonder if there were multiple points to enter/exit at one point in time. Underneath the station back where the door is in that photo, there is an area about 15 feet back that looks like it may have been an alternate pathway into the fort at one point in time, but it has since been covered up. Kind of like the walkways that are above the station, but with boarding covering it from the outside. Is it possible that is was once open to guests, or maybe was considered as an entrance but closed off before opening?

If it was ever used as an entrance or exit, it would have lead to the garden area underneath the Mine Train, adjacent to the current exit stairway.

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3 hours ago, Eugene Krabs said:

Hey guys does anyone have a downloadable skyway theme? And is the song copyrighted? 

I don't have downloadable versions, but the songs are the theme from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in the Dream Street station and the theme from A Million Ways to Die in the West in the Frontier Adventures station. Here's the YouTube links:


Frontier Adventures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzzj2_7qMsY

Dream Street: https://youtu.be/b5Edkb2Qo9c

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Some bad news and some good news to share...


The bad news, Six Flags Over Georgia has officially removed their skyride, meaning Great Adventure has the last remaining skyride of all the Six Flags parks. 


The good news is any salvageable parts are coming to GA to help keep our Skyride running. 


The BEST news, I just got confirmation from one of the techs who worked on it that Great Adventure's Skyride just got finished being re-cabled yesterday! That means it should be fairly safe from removal for another few years!!!


Here's the picture he posted on Facebook:

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Correction/update- just the one side was re-cabled this year, the other side was re-cabled more recently and was just re-spliced to adjust for the stretch. Apparently they are re-cabled on different schedules. 


Also learned that SFOG supposedly had 36 gondolas. I hope they're being shipped to GA as replacements or at least for parts. 

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