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Overrated Movies


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This topic will be about the movies we find overrated. Here are my picks.


1. Chicken Little (Disney)


Man did this movie teach me the true power of advertising.


2. Slumdog Millionaire


Though the premise is good, it is also ridiculous. How could one person know all the answers to the questions he's given on Who Wants to Be a Milllionaire? I'll never understand what makes this movie so great. Give me one good reason that this is better than Milk, Wall E, and Dark Knight?

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Every High School Musical

Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Rugrats Movie (I hated it! It was awful!)

Zathura (the worst movie ever made)

Powerpuff Girls Movie (this film destroyed the beloved series I grew up)

Shrek 1 (I can't stand Fioana's horrible singing! It's even the same on different languages!)

Jonas Brothers Concert Experience

Hanna Montana: The Movie

And, oh yeah, WALL-E! I hated the "romance" and "go green" garbage the movie puts in, not to mention the box office bomb Hello, Dolly!

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Where the Wild Things Are

Inglorious Basterds

New Moon (Sorry Twilighter Fans, Kristen Stewart Can't Act and I've Seen her in 3 Other Movies)

Funny People

Monsters Vs. Aliens

Baby Mama


Jennifer's Body

Paranormal Activity


I actually Have a Joke about Baby Mama:


I Went to See Baby Mama

Someone Says "You Saw Baby Mama"?

I Say My Mom and Sister made me see it, But Halfway through I Snuck into Speed Racer

Someone Says "How Was That?"

I Snuck Back into Baby Mama :lol:

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I really think the twilight saga is overrated because of all the hype over it and how boring it is. I saw the first one and I stopped watching it halfway through because nothing was happening except for Bella acting like an emo kid on drugs.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Proof that if you dab into 80s and/or 90s nostalgia and not really care about your story, everyone on the Internet will claim it's a movie that no one understood but them because it's a fun movie with compelling characters, and if you don't get this movie and not like [insert video game/anime reference/non sequential line here], then you have no taste in movies.

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Please don't be rude when you disagree with me; I know some of these are really popular, and I'm not saying that all of them are bad (I thought most of them were, though).


The Iron Man movies

A New Hope

Anything with Seth Rogen

The Graduate

Anything by Don Bluth


Also, Goodfellas. It's not a bad movie, it just felt dull and lifeless compared to other dramas I've seen.

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Transformers 1,2 (Haven't seen 3)


The Kids Are Alright


Wendy and Lucy (A Woman Loses her Dog; 85% Positive on Rotton Tomatoes)


Any Film from Judd Appatow (I Haven't seen his TV Shows so I'm giving him the Benefit of the Doubt there)




A Film Unfinished (A Movie that shows 1942 Propaganda from the Nazis for 89 minutes; 97% Approval Rating on Rotton Tomatoes)


The Kings Speech


127 Hours (Watch Buried with Ryan Reynolds, It's 1000x Better)

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This one is a film I like and still think is good, but has become very overrated in recent years is The Empire Strikes Back. Alot of people (mainly the Lucas hateboys) hype how it is the best of the Star Wars films now(and they will flame you if you disagree). Which is surprising since TESB was considered a let down to ANH when it first came out and many fans hated it back then.

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