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BGE's Big Bad Wolf on the way out in September


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From Busch:


After 25 years traveling at the speed of fright, The Big Bad Wolf will take its last trip through Busch Gardens’ Bavarian village Sept 7. The ride has simply reached the end of its service life. The decision was made to announce the closing now so fans have time to ride the “Wolf” one last time before the ride closes. We are reviewing several design concepts for a new park attraction to replace The Big Bad Wolf, but no announcement is planned at this time.




Q1 Why are you removing The Big Bad Wolf?

A1 The Big Bad Wolf has simply reached the end of its service life. The decision was made to announce the closing now so fans have time to ride the “Wolf” one last time before the ride closes.


Q2 Will the public be able to see the demolition process?

A2 Guests will certainly see the results of the work being done at the site. That said, we want guests to enjoy their park experience and will not have crews dismantling the coaster during regular park operating hours. Crews will likely work during the week when the park is closed to dismantle the ride.


Q3 What will you do with the land once The Big Bad Wolf is removed?

A3 We are considering several options, but are not ready to discuss future plans at this time.


Q4 Why not let fans of The Big Bad Wolf ride the coaster during Howl-O-Scream?

A4 Choosing Labor Day to close the attraction gives fans one last chance to ride the coaster without changing the park’s established timeline to dismantle this major attraction.


Q5 Should guests have any concern about the removal of the Loch Ness Monster, which is older than The Big Bad Wolf?

A5 The Big Bad Wolf's ride dynamics and the fact that the coaster has reached the end of its service life were contributing factors in the decision to retire the ride. Loch Ness Monster is a more conventional coaster that does not experience the same ride dynamics as The Big Bad Wolf. Besides, it’s hard to think of a better use for the Loch Ness Monster site than to continue serving this classic coaster.


Q6 Why are you removing a ride without having its replacement ready to announce?

A6 It's not unusual for theme parks to remove rides and not immediately announce a replacement attraction. Besides, we are opening two new attractions in 2009, which represent a significant park investment. We opened Sesame Street Forest of Fun this spring, and we are looking forward to Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration, which opens after Thanksgiving.

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My fondest memory of the Big Bad Wolf was back in 1988 when ACE held their conference at The Old Country to mark the 10th Anniversary of ACE and the Loch Ness Monster. The evening ERT was so much fun. We just kept riding over and over again and we lost our voices from howling! I'll have to find my pictures from that weekend.



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The last ride I took on it (a couple of months ago), it was rough, it kept having down time, and I noticed there seemed to be some MAJOR structural challenges where they had reinforced footers. The ride tends to rip itself apart, and it can only be fixed for so long. It's sad but it just seems like it was time for it to go.

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