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Day 2- Bring Back More Trees & Grass

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So here it is, day 2, and our next wish for the park is more greenery. The park was originally called The Enchanted Forest for a good reason...it was full of trees and grass! Over the years as the trees have aged and the park has expanded, more and more trees have been removed. It's really time that a LOT of new trees were planted all around the park and some of the overly large expanses of pavement were broken up.





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Thanks Tom. Harry might still have it too. It's one of my favorite pictures of the park.


The Enchanted Forest was trees and flat rides. What more could I ask for? The area is even getting a darkride-family coaster! It was Disneyland for flat ride lovers. (Both Disneyland and The Enchated Forest were made up of a bunch of family rides!)


The Enchated Forest had two Intamin rides (Freefall and Looping Starship) and one more near by (Roaring Rapids.) The section also had a few Mack and Schwarzkopf rides.


Here's a couple of cool coincidences for next year. The Dark Knight will be placed on/near the same location as the park's first wild mouse and it is made by Mack who made the three flat rides which buffered Big Fury (Swabinchen, Musik Express and Matterhorn.)

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A little off topic, but why is the Control located so far from the tracks themselves?



"Loop Coaster Control" was a maintenance/electrical building where the ride tied into the power grid. The operation or control of the the rides was handled individually by an operator on each of the two Lightnin' Loops platforms.


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