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What If Warner Bros. Took Over


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What If Six Flags went defunct and Great Adventure became an independent park? I bet there would be a lot a companies wanting to buy and own the park (other than Cedar Fail). Here's the company that I think would be a great owner of the park


New Owner: Warner Bros.


Park Rename: Warner Bros' Great Adventure


If Warner Bros. did own the park and retheme and rebrand it into WB's Great Adventure, the park would be closed for two years for WB to do all the retheming. Here's how they would retheme the areas


The management style would be a combination of Paramount Parks and Time Warner Six Flags management.


Main Street: Warner Bros. Street


This retheme would include renaming all the stores, restuaraunts, and the show facilities.


Main Street Market: Warner Bros. Store: This store would sell Warner Bros. merchandise, DVDs, and movie books.


Additional shops: Tear down the shops and merge build a walkthrough exhibit called The Warner Bros Story (Sort of like Paramount Parks' The Paramount Story walkthrough) This walkthrough would have props, clips, and posters from famous Warner Bros.' films


Papa John's: Backlot Commisary: Sort of theme it like a studio commisary


Dolphin Stadium: WB Diving Show: Have a show themed after famous diving moments in Warner Bros. films


Movie Town- Gotham City


Read my Gotham City topic to see what I want it to be like


Looney Tunes Seaport and Wiggles World- Looney Tunes Adventures


Merge the two areas and rename all the rides, except Road Runner Railway


The new area should have a major new ride as well.


Bugs Bunny's Wild West Adventure- A Dudley Do Right/ Splash Mountain type ride on the site of Koala Canyon


After walking through a movie theater, you board a log a enter a Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoon. You see the capers of Bugs stopping gold searching Yosemite Sam. During the ride, you go through three soaking drops.



Fantasy Forest- WB Lane


Houdini's Great Escape- Escape from Hogwart's


Give the ride a Harry Potter theme and have the riders accidently go into a room of Hogwarts that is possesed by Voldimort




The ride itself will mostly be unchanged. The only thing that will be changed is the ride's soundtrack. The new soundtrack to should be songs from Warner Bros' music vault.


Dare Devil Dive- WB Stunt Dive

Retheme the ride after WB Stunt moments


Boardwalk- WB Action Zone


Sim Theater- Superman Adventure- The Ride


Retheme the theater and queue to the Daily Planet offices.


Plot- Riders are cub reporters for the Daily Planet. Later, Perry White gives the cub reporters a dangerous assignment, cover a story in which Superman has to fight Krytonian villains. The cub reporters cover the story in the Daily Planet's newest vehicle. During the covering, the rider's encounter the villains and Superman saves them and saves the day


Great American Scream Machine- Lethal Weapon: The Ride

Retheme to ride to include theming similar to the Movie World Australia Lethal Weapon ride. Retheme the cars into police cars.


Supersuck: Ultimate Bore would be removed and replaced with a ride similar to Kings Island's Delirium


Frontier Adventures- Wild Wild Western Adventures


Medusa- Unforgiven: The Ride

Retheme the ride after the Clint Eastwood's 1992 classic.


Also, the area should have a new stunt show facility


Show's name: WB Wild West Stunt Spectacular

The show should be similar to the Wild West show SFGAm had in the 90's.


Plaza Del Carnival


El Toro- The Wild Bunch


The ride would be renamed and themed after the movie of the same name. It would fit since a lot of scenes from the movie are in Mexico. It would have it's queue removed and replaced with a western town queue (like Viper's queue, only longer and more elaborate). The trains would also have the bulls removed from the front of the trains.


Tango would also be removed and some kind of flat themed to Speedy Gonzales would replace it (what kind of flat would be appropriate for this character)




What kind of WB movie with a Mexican setting would be appropriate to retheme Rolling Thunder to?


The only areas that should be left unchanged are Old Country, Lakefront, and the Golden Kingdom


What do you think?

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^^Ideas are good, just with all Movie Studio theme parks, ALL theming isn't just based on the owning company. You have some good ides, but some kinda were overkill on The WB Some things I would change-

1.I love the WB story thing, but keep Movietown Movietown and put it there

2.ADD THE BUGS BUNNY SPLASH MOUNTAIN TYPE RIDE!!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:


And also, don't theme all lands to Wb. I personally think it would be better if all the different lands were themed to different settings for movies, as if they were sets, like USF with thier themed lands. but....


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Up_Up_and_Away, why do you have to be such a about my idea and ONE whole idea of having a police theme ride?


He's not trying to belittle your idea, he's just being REALISTIC. On this site we pride ourselves on being a little more grounded in reality.


The language you used to respond is inappropriate. Consider this a warning.


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Chill Luis....The name of this area is "My Ideas for The Park". It is meant for sharing your own creative thoughts but keep in mind things are open to (and will receive) feedback- both positive and negative.


Up_Up_and_Away, GAcoaster, and I are all active members on the forums so odds are you are going to get some Admin opinions on stuff too. It is not meant as personal attacks but just our own responses to the topics. :turned:

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