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2009 Golden Ticket Awards Announced

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Click here for the full results!


Here's the top 10 wood:

1 The Voyage-- Holiday World

2 Boulder Dash-- Lake Compounce

3 El Toro-- Six Flags Great Adventure

4 Phoenix-- Knoebels Amusement Resort

5 Thunderhead-- Dollywood

6 Ravine Flyer II-- Waldameer

7 The Beast-- Kings Island

8 Prowler-- Worlds of Fun

9 Hades-- Mt. Olympus Theme Park

10 Shivering Timbers-- Michigan’s Adventure


Top 10 steel:

1 Bizarro-- Six Flags New England

2 Millennium Force-- Cedar Point

3 Nitro-- Six Flags Great Adventure

4 Goliath-- Six Flags Over Georgia

5 Apollo’s Chariot-- Busch Gardens Europe

6 Expedition GeForce-- Holiday Park

7 Diamondback-- Kings Island

8 Phantom’s Revenge-- Kennywood

9 Magnum XL-200-- Cedar Point

10 Top Thrill Dragster-- Cedar Point

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It's always biased towards certain parks and especially those that purchase ads in Amusement Today.


As biased as they are, they can't completely ignore El Toro and Nitro. Imagine if those rides were at CP or Holiday World...they'd be ranked as something higher than #1! :lol:

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Ooh, Nitro #3, was 7 last year if I remember correctly. :)

WHHAAAT? El Toro dropped? If anything it shoulda went up to 1!

As for SNL... I'm done with these awards.


El Toro went up 1 and Nitro remained the same. El Toro was #4 last year and Nitro was #3.

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