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Six Flags Over Georgia flooded by record rain fall

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Check out this video: ABC News Video of Six Flags Over Georgia


It's normal for that park to get SOME flooding in the low lying areas along the river, but I have never seen it that bad! GASM (which is the focus of the helicopter shot) can get flooded like that fairly easily since it's on the low end of the park, but Batman and Mind Bender sit up much higher and even they are flooded!



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Every couple of years parts of the park flood, but never this badly. These are the highest the floodwaters have been since 1916.


Here's GASM partially submerged:



The interstate going to the park is closed for flooding as well:


That is a MAJOR road in Atlanta!

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Here's a new picture and story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


Six Flags still hopes to open this weekend, will make decision before Saturday


Six Flags over Georgia officials still hope to open the park this weekend regardless of the area around the Scream Machine remaining underwater, a park spokeswoman said.


Employees are at the park working, communications director Kendell Kelton said. She did not have any information on whether the Scream Machine or any of the other rides and attractions were damaged from the floods. The Scream Machine was completely submerged Tuesday.


"We just have to wait for the water to recede, and then we'll be able to address any potential issues," Kelton said Wednesday afternoon. "We will be making a full assessment prior to operation.


This weekend is the last before the annual Fright Fest Halloween festivities.


"We've handled floods in the past, and we know how to handle this," Kelton said.


The area around the Scream Machine has been underwater since Monday, she said. If the water doesn't recede, that area will remain blocked off this weekend, Kelton said.


Heavy rains and flooding have caused portions of I-285 and I-20 in Cobb County to close.


Six Flags over Georgia is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast. Its two parks — the Six Flags in Austell and the White Water property in Marietta — are the region's largest employer of seasonal workers.


Yet the park's New York-based parent company filed for bankruptcy in June as a way of dealing with $1.8 billion worth of debt. While the company said the move would not impact individual parks, the ability to open this weekend and prepare for Fright Fest remains important for Six Flags over Georgia.



Yikes, in the upper corner you can see their Enterprise is nearly completely submerged! Just the yellow roofs are poking out above the water.

MOST of the flooded areas are areas that are normally lakes (both Ninja and GASM pictured here are built over lakes) or at the low end of the property.




The park also has a second parking area on MUCH higher ground. I think the flood looks much worse than it is...

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I just received word that SFOG will be opening this weekend despite the flooding. They said that the water is going down and cleanup is happening right now.


Here's a satellite picture taken at the height of the flood. You can see while the flood is bad, it's really confined to a small area of the park.


Interesting to note that Deja Vu is still sitting in pieces in one of their back areas...let the speculating begin. :D

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Update from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


Most of Six Flags park ready for Saturday

Six Flags over Georgia really is going to open.


Park employees have been working "around the clock" to make sure anyone who wants to head out to the theme park can. This weekend is the last one before "Fright Fest," which is planned for every weekend in October.


The park is in Austell, one of the areas hit hardest by the heavy rain. Cobb County schools were closed earlier this week, as were parts of I-20.


Arial photos shot earlier this week showed the Scream Machine submerged in floodwaters. Despite an official stance that the park would open, the photos, picked up by TV and other news media, left many people wondering.


Now, there is no standing water in the park, and the majority of the rides and attractions will be open, spokeswoman Kendell Kelton said Friday morning.


"Everyone made ‘water park' jokes, but we're going to prove we're not a water park, we're a theme park," she said.


Kelton said the park's rides were structurally built to handle severe weather.


Because most of the park will be ready for visitors, no discount tickets will be offered. It is Military Appreciation weekend, however, which offers free or reduced admission to armed forces visitors and their guests.

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