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Day 4- In Park Coffee Shop/Donuts

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For day 4, our wish is for breakfast type food in the park.




Hersheypark just introduced the first Dunkin Donuts inside a theme park in 2007, Kings Dominion has a Starbucks, and Islands of Adventure has a Cinnabon inside the park. It would be a great idea (and very popular) to have something like this at GA. :Eat2:



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i worked in jersey shore candies some times this year and in late june this was brought to our attention, we advertised in the park about the breakfast and when it started alot of people took advantage of it but slowly less and less came, i think this idea is good though because the guest stopped coming because it was only croissants and bagels and coffee. so a breakfast shop would be nice, specially for those who get there early and stand around waiting for them to drop the ribbon.

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If we could get a partnership with Dunkin Donuts for a shop and some stands throughout the park, management would be my best friend. A nice iced coffee on a hot summer day or a white hot chocolate during the cooler months would be amazing. Starbucks and Cinnabon both sound great to, but I am at heart a DD junkie in any weather.

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I know this is a little off-topic, but i would like to see a sort of a "High End" Restaraunt in the Park. Waiter's, Wine List, and a Dessert Cart. I know it's a Pipe Dream but, I could see Best Of The West being converted to something like that. And I would deliberately make it un-Kid-Friendly. Nothing ruins a nice Dinner than hearing crying Babies, and this is coming from a Father of two.

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I think they can't go there until there are some lower-end full-service places first. I remember in middle school I used to draw up plans for full-service restaurants at GA during class, right down to the layout of the waiting areas and kitchens.


My ideas included converting the Character Cafe into the Looney Tunes Palace, or something like that, which would serve burgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, and the like; making the HBO Backlot into a backlot cafe of sorts, with lighter sandwiches and salads (complete with director's chairs to sit in); converting Best of the West into a sit-down BBQ joint; and opening a new restaurant overlooking the Great Lake called the "Lakefront Cafe" or something similar.


The latter would be the nicest, with fancier entrees, wine, and a country club feel, all with huge windows (and a large balcony) overlooking the beautiful Great Lake. This sounds trivial, but most importantly, there would be a large selection of salads there (and, to a lesser extent, at all of these places); they are so easy to make and exactly what a lot of people--especially mothers--crave on a hot summer day. I don't understand why all these vacation destinations only offer cheap and trite things like chicken caesar or cobb salads when there are so many delicious options out there that only require carrying a few additional ingredients. Plus in a place like that they could get away with charging $13 or $14 for a salad, as long as it was fresh and good, which would make everyone happy.


The funny thing is, I think that at least one sit-down place is extremely feasible. And I may be wrong, because Cedar Point's Johnny Rockets is never busy when we go, but frankly they're heading towards adding more rides and experiences while we move more everyday towards becoming a mall with a handful of roller coasters, so I think that the consumerist focus at GAdv would absolutely sustain a full-service establishment. I do think we need to attract a nicer crowd before something other than a very low-end restaurant could be built, although it's possible that they missed a good opportunity to launch a nice sit-down establishment when they opened Wiggles World; higher-income families with kids would be the perfect target for a place like this.

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What flavor Icee do you want with that cookie?




I liked both red and blue at GAdv but now I can get free ones at Turkey Hill thanks to Hershey Park. It's sad there are no more Icees at GAdv but there are alot of other things gone that is sad too. As for a breakfest food place I don't really care for breakfest foods and I rather eat breakfest before going to a park so I can spend the morning riding before the lines get bad. But if GAdv did have a breakfest place then some people would eat there instead of morning riding therefore making the lines even less for me.

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