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Park (Kings Island) Drops McNair Skeleton Plans


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Source: WMSV-TV


Park Drops McNair Skeleton Plans

Fans Outraged By Halloween Display


UPDATED: 9:57 am CDT September 24, 2009


KINGS ISLAND, Ohio -- Channel 4 has learned that Kings Island has dropped plans to include skeletons dressed and positioned to resemble ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair and his mistress as part of a Halloween display.


A promo video for the "Halloween Haunt" shows McNair sitting up on a couch with Kazemi lying across his lap. There is a hole in the top of McNair's football helmet.




E-mails flooded Channel 4's inbox expressing a distaste for the display. Channel 4 e-mailed the park and received an answer late Wednesday.


"When the gates open for the start of our Halloween Haunt event on Friday," said park spokesman Don Helbig, "park visitors will not find a depiction of Steve McNair in any scenes."


Kazemi fatally shot McNair before killing herself July 4 in Nashville.


Halloween Haunt opens Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Other celebrities included are Michael Jackson in pajamas, Health Ledger with pill bottles and Sonny Bono on skis.


"You're gonna see Ted Kennedy, Ed McMahon and there's still other ones yet to be placed," Helbig told WLWT.


Call me sick, but Sonny Bono on skis..... :rolllaf:

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