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NJ police say 2 sold bogus (GA) park re-entry stamps


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Source: Philly.com


NJ police say 2 sold bogus park re-entry stamps

Posted on Mon, Oct. 5, 2009


JACKSON, N.J. - Two New York men have been arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit hand stamps for re-entry to New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park.


Police say they went to the Jackson Township park Sunday after receiving a complaint from a woman who was denied entry. She told police she purchased a hand stamp for herself and nine others from two men in the parking lot who said they were park employees.


Police arrested 20-year-old Joshua Byrd of the Bronx and 28-year-old Gabriel Pierre of Queens. Police say officers seized a stamp, ink pad and $200 in cash.


The suspects were charged with forgery and theft by deception. They're being held at the Ocean County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.


Authorities did not know if they had retained lawyers.

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I'm glad they caught these guys (although if you're dumb enough to believe that someone selling handstamps in the parking lot works for the park, you kind of deserve to lose your money). I remember hearing about this all the time in past years, and I wonder how many of these guys go uncaught. I'm also curious how security didn't see this going down given their many posts and patrols in the parking lot.


With things like this happening, I wonder why the park doesn't make the Fright Fest re-entry restriction earlier (like SFNE's 4pm rule), or just start requiring you to show a ticket/season pass in addition to a handstamp to get back in. If it started to become even more of a problem, they could implement a system like on cruise ships that scans your ticket as you leave and takes a picture of you that comes back up for security to see when you scan it to get back in. That's probably a bit much, though.

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^I know Universal and Seaworld have you scan your ticket when you go in AND they scan your fingerprint. So your fingerprint is in there system.



Yeah those scanners never work right as they get really dirty from all those people using them. Most of the time the gate attendants just overide the finger scaners to let people in.

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