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The GAH Time Machine Game


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In honor of the park's 35th Anniversary we are going to hop in our Great Adventure History Time Machine and present you with some images of the park throughout the years. Each image will be accompanied by four dates consisting of a month and a year. Your task is simple... try to guess when the photograph was taken.


There should be enough clues in each photo to narrow down the choices to just one correct answer!


Although its just for fun and not a competition, see how often you can get these questions right!!!




Strap yourself in because here we go.........

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Good eye guys!

ANSWER: The photo was taken in (C.) October 1990.


Here is why it is the only correct answer:


A. May 1991 - the trees are starting to turn color and the Halloween decorations are up so not A.

B. September 1994 - the Shockwave was removed in 1992 so not B.

C. October 1990 - :clap:

D. July 1989 - the Shockwave was added in 1990 so not D.






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For those of you that guessed A, nice job!


ANSWER: The photo was taken in (A.) July 1987.


Here is why it is the only correct answer:


A. July 1987 - :clap:

B. April 1982 - FreeFall was added in 1983 so B is out.

C. August 1988 - For 1988, new cage enclosures were added to the cars and the Fender Bender Bumper Cars ride seen in the lower left was already removed.

D. September 1992 - Same reasons as C above.

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