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Day 6- A Better, Safer Parking Lot

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That's exactly it...not having a safe place to walk is dangerous, and when crowds block the flow of traffic, it really ties things up.


I just picture a tram/walk way like that one at Hershey, going out diagonally across the lot from the entrance to the Outer Mall right over to the far corner of the lot. Have the side closer to the gate Preferred and Season Pass Parking, and the other side as general parking.

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It is true that the parking situation needs to be addressed. Aside that I still feel Preferred should include Season Pass but I doubt that. When I try to get out of the park early, everyone tends to use the exit road as the walkway out of the park and I swear I'm going to hit someone by accident one day.

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The parking lot is a complete mess and disaster overall. I can't count the number of times I have winced when walking out of the park as people are driving towards the exit with other patrons clearly in their way. There really needs to be some clearly designated walkways and the trams should absolutely be running more consistently than they do. I think during an off season they should completely strip the lot and begin again from scratch in a more organized way such as what we see for Hersey in the above picture. Even if they wish to keep the preferred parking (which I happen to despise) they can find a better way than what we have now.

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