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Autobahn Bumper Cars


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Well the ride has been exposed to weather for the last few years with no use i hope theres no major issues with the mechanical side since its been sbno


Alright, I see what you mean. Most of the time, letting it stand but not operate is the wrong thing to do for a simple reason. Deterioration. There is no one inspecting it, fix it, or even pay attention to this. For instance, River Country at Walt Disney World. Don't even get me started on that..... :hammer:


Did anyone watch the Autobahn video and catch the poor guy in the orange car who can't get it to move? Finally someone knocks into him and he starts going but the ride ends just seconds later!


I'll watch that right now!

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I think the carnival-ness of Fender Benders matches the Adventure Alley feel, but I agree that the elaborate structure of Autobahn with built in carnival games on the sides looked really nice. I'm curious to see how/if the park will continue to fill out the remaining pathway from the Ferris Wheel to Justice League.

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