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Day 7- Rehab The Big Wheel and Fix Decorative Ride Lighting

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Our wish for Day 7 is a rehab (painting and fixing the lighting) of the Big Wheel to return it to its original glory:




It would be great to see the lighting updated with energy saving LEDs, which are brighter and last longer than the conventional light bulbs the ride currently has. While they are at it, they should do the same with Flying Wave and Granny's, which both have had their elaborate lighting deteriorate over the years and need some sprucing up.


Hopefully with the new "official ride painters of Six Flags", the Big Wheel will get some fresh paint this season.

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The Strawberry Fair section of the park (now Fantasy Forest) was home to thousands of miniature lights that illuminated the rides and buildings in this section. The ferris wheel alone had 27,000 bulbs and in the early years the ride featured constantly changing lighting patterns.



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I would Love to see the lights and paint redone on the Big Wheel. A light pattern show of some sort similar to that maybe of The Big Wheel down on Morey's Piers in Wildwood would be pretty cool, but it's just a suggestion. In reality even a minor facelift with paint and the LEDs would be fantastic as the Big Wheel is such a park landmark and really deserves it.

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