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Batman & Robin: The Chiller


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  1. 1. Which was better - Batman or Robin?

    • Batman (blue track)
    • Robin (red track)
    • I was only able to ride Batman
    • I was only able to ride Robin
  2. 2. Which restraints were better on Chiller?

    • Neck harnesses
    • Lap Bars
  3. 3. Which was better?

    • Inverted rolls (1997-2006)
    • In-line humps (2007)

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As we watch the progress of construction for the new Justice League ride, let's look back at the assembly of the Chiller's station which was being erected twenty years ago on the same site.    

This picture was posted on reddit by user FluffyDragonBoi today.  The picture was taken about two weeks ago and shows the sign from The Chiller is still at the farm where parts of the ride were stored

I own the book this picture comes from! And it has a lot of good pics. of chiller.

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Anyone starting to get nervous? I'd have thought for sure we'd have seen some type of ground prep / track prep by now. Maybe the park is getting cold feet? Or they simply bought the ride to restore it, than re-sell it ?

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The information I've seen so far is sketchy. It sounds like they bought it, shipped it there and now don't have the money to build it so they keep pushing the opening season back. This is their summer in Brazil now so they've missed this year, maybe 2014-15 summer?

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Actually we have no information about the restoration or construction of the roller coaster.
What we can see is that the park is working fully focused on his new area of ​​Madagascar (Dreamworks) that has inauguration to the end of this year. After that we also know that the new area Shrek will be built and believe that only then the Chiller.


Sorry for my bad English. :unsure: Is Google Translator... :blush:

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Latest rumor I'm hearing is that Beto Carrero World is having trouble finding an engineering / coaster firm to help and assist with the installation of the ride, more specifically, the LIM / electrical system. Apparently they reached out to Premier Rides directly and Premier refused to touch the coaster.


Hopefully if this is true they will find someone to hire who can get the job done. (Can't blame Premier on their decision though)

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I don't think Beto Carrero World touched it within the past year. I hope they rebuild it and if possible change the LIMs to LSMs. The coaster is hard to maintain and repair, which could factor into this.

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10 years after it last operated, I am sure the track and electrical equiment is in terrible, possibly non-operable condition. If they haven't touched the coaster yet, I highly, highly doubt they ever will. If they do, it will probably need a ton of work from Premier to get in working condition.

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Premier Rides said they aren't touching the ride as said in a previous post, but that was a year ago. If they still refuse to repair the coaster, then the coaster could get repairs done by a third party, or it could be scrapped I think scrapping the ride is more likely as the ride hasn't operated in nine years.

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