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Batman & Robin: The Chiller



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  1. 1. Which was better - Batman or Robin?

    • Batman (blue track)
    • Robin (red track)
    • I was only able to ride Batman
    • I was only able to ride Robin
  2. 2. Which restraints were better on Chiller?

    • Neck harnesses
    • Lap Bars
  3. 3. Which was better?

    • Inverted rolls (1997-2006)
    • In-line humps (2007)

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I pass by it every time I go to the park. Nice little place to sit. Been thinking about getting a conoe and getting some nice close shots. :sailing_smilie::camera:





P.S. I LOVE the fact that no matter how ridiculous or out of left field a post is on here, we have the smiley(s) to back it up.

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This site and the forums are really great.


You have some great pics and cool information. I am so glad I found this place.


Agreed, I like this place a lot. :Rainbowsmiley2:


Any other info on where the Chiller is going? I'd really like to ride it, even if I can only do it one time. I've always wanted to ride it, and missed all of my chances (Been very interested in it but was too small, then never saw operation).

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We all know that Batman and Robin: The Chiller was a disaster, and now it seems that Moviefone.com has named Batman and Robin the worst sequel of all time!

See the Worst 25 Sequels listed here on Moviefone.com.


A well deserved dishonor! I seriously cannot even watch the first 15 minutes of that movie anymore!

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The movie really was horrible and caused the derailment of that series until Batman Begins brought it back to glory once again. It really was a good coaster though and with the two different ride experiences to choose from (in theory anyway as usually only one was open). The few times I was able to get on it over the years I had a blast and looked forward. My only regret is that I only managed to get on the Batman side one time before it basically shut down for good. Robin was always fun but I liked the Batman side better. Hopefully the Dark Knight and whatever else turns up in the Chiller's footsteps can be as enjoyable as it was to ride.

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There is this Philadelphia carpet company that advertizes on the local Philly channels. Anyway the year when Nitro opened they ran tv commercials advertizing if you buy carpeting from them you would get free GAdv day tickets. Then they would advertize Nitro showing video of Chiller! LOL

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Wow I definately remember now the are you in or are you out promotion with Six Flags. It always seemed pretty catchy and in all honesty it wasn't until years later that I was readily admitting how bad the whole movie The Chiller corresponded to actually was so the whole concept just seemed really awesome at the time.

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