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Batman & Robin: The Chiller



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  1. 1. Which was better - Batman or Robin?

    • Batman (blue track)
    • Robin (red track)
    • I was only able to ride Batman
    • I was only able to ride Robin
  2. 2. Which restraints were better on Chiller?

    • Neck harnesses
    • Lap Bars
  3. 3. Which was better?

    • Inverted rolls (1997-2006)
    • In-line humps (2007)

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Sigh...I miss Chiller! IMO, GADV doesn't feel the same anymore every time I go there.


The sound of it launching and it was definitely our "unique" coaster in the park, which is why I liked it that much.

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Any find a pic of chiller in the field? Or anyone have an idea where the field is near the park? Is it towards 195 or toward prospertown lake?


Well on some of the other fan sites Chiller has been reported as sold and being shipped overseas, Maybe our dream of getting it back will never come true!

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Trust me,Chiller will never ever ever ever ever be back at any Six Flags park,expecially our park.Right now it would be dumb for Six Flags to take it out,attempt to fix it which doesn't guarentee it running reliably,then putting it back in at a park where it will run horrible again.


There was just too many flaws with the ride and computer to even want to fix.The amount of money it would take to fix the bugs in it,then maintain the ride itself would be HUGE and not smart spending,especially when you are in bankruptcy.I know that Shapiro and Mark Kane wouldn't want another maintenance nightmare ontop of Kingda Ka.


Chiller is gone forever and the park will never bring it back,even if it were the last roller coaster in the world.

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i think they finally got rid of movietown water effect because the placment if TDK is going to be relevant once the park demolishes old country, i hear rumors that old country is the site of a new coaster for 2011< also why i belive that the exploratorium will stick around next season too.

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Batman & Robin? Why would they pick that name of the terrible movie for that ride, anyway? The movie was pretty bad (especially George Clooney's nipples). Never saw the movie by the way!


How can you judge a movie you havent seen!!!!


Anyway, ride manufacture usally build a demo ride to show there perspective buyers, how did they not have the same lim issues at the demo site like they did when the ride was built at Great adventure, i know some of the issues were power but the lim failures had to have happened at the demo site too i would think, so how in good faith can you expect to sell severl diffrent coasters all with the lim launch system and expect to sell future coasters!!!

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