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Batman & Robin: The Chiller



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  1. 1. Which was better - Batman or Robin?

    • Batman (blue track)
    • Robin (red track)
    • I was only able to ride Batman
    • I was only able to ride Robin
  2. 2. Which restraints were better on Chiller?

    • Neck harnesses
    • Lap Bars
  3. 3. Which was better?

    • Inverted rolls (1997-2006)
    • In-line humps (2007)

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Kingda KA is a one trick pony compared to Chiller and all of Great adventure's other coasters.No disrespect but I don't like to see any coaster go and don't want to.I don't know if Chiller broke records or not but I always thought of it as the replacement for Lightnin Loops (upgraded newer better verson).Now we have no shuttle loop coaster or coasters at Great Adventure.:( I love to go backwards through loops inversions ever since I started riding and I think that going backwards and getting blasted were the highlights of the ride.

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I would think if Great Adventure still owned the ride they would have kept the parts on site. They have plenty of space and it would reduce the risk of pieces "walking". If I had to guess the ride was sold scrap.



Wait 5 years. People Will say "Great Adventure Should Remove Dark Knight and Hire a New Company to Rebuild Batman & Robin The Chiller"





Shockwave was Removed in 2002 at Great America. I'm still waiting for People to Stop saying "Shockwave is Coming Back"

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Instead of letting it sit there, we should attempt to rebuild it. I'm a dreamer, but I MISS CHILLER! Sell one and keep the other. It would be perfect with a Mr. Freeze theme. We have the building and the observatory.



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I have to think that the Chiller still belongs to Great Adventure because when it was taken to the off-site storage yard they took the Batman/Robin emblem that was on the tower with it. Even if they sold the ride, Six Flags would not be able to include that piece because of licensing agreements.

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With SFDK getting a new premier coaster (red zone would have never considered), could you imagine they completely renovated chiller and reintroduced it as Batman Vs. Joker escape from Arkym? ......oh the possibilities, but now back to reality. Its such a shame that this ride is sitting and rotting away, breaks my heart!

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