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Day 8- Bring Back Shows to ALL the Venues

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showcase had a good reason, the ac was broke and holes in the roof, we had employee party's in the morning and afternoon, everyone went to the morning one because in the afternoon it was 100 degrees in there.BUT there is still no excuse the ac could have been fixed and roof patched in no time.

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i went to one of the employee things in the afternoon and roasted because of the air problems (which should have been fixed) but the roof was the major problem as there were alot of holes that need to be fixed. from what i have heard we could more shows again. also the air in the offices did have problems through out the year that was seldem fixed.

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Guest warnerleroy

The Ski Show Should be brought back, a new Dark knight Stunt Show would rock and be popular throught the roof!!!!!!!!!! Showcase Theater, the only real "sucess" was Industrial Movement, all others were forgettable to guests who only come once a year. The biggest dissapointments are the stunt arena and great arena. Although theres a Dark Knight ride, I think a Dark knight show would actually be more popular. People hoping to ride the ride who come at showtime can instead of waiting in line, can just walk right into the arena, although there arent any big draws other than the coaster on that side of the park. A dark ride back there would be a great descision. The chariott races were brought back into the arena in 1983, with the opening of El Toro, a bull fighting show would be very popular in the arena!

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