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Zamperla named operator of New York's Coney Island


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Source: NY1


City Names Coney Island Amusement Operator


By: NY1 News January 20, 2009


The city has chosen Italian-based company Zamperla USA to become the new amusement park operator for Coney Island.


Zamperla USA was named the new amusement park operator for Coney Island Tuesday.


The company was among several others vying for the operating rights, including Ripley's Believe or Not and Steel Pier.


Contenders for the rights had to submit proposals, which included developing at one of the three parcels of land between the former Astroland site and KeySpan Park.


Sources say Zamperla's plan included developing all three.


City officials want the rides up and running by this summer.


The city acquired the land from developer Joe Sitt last month.


Zamperla is an Italian company and is one of the largest manufactures of amusement rides in the world with its American headquarters based out of Parsippany, New Jersey.



(darkridedan's worst nightmare comes true - a whole Zamperla Park! :P)

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I suspect it could become all new rides... America's unofficial Zamperla "showroom."




I'm a bit nervous of this also. this was a problem at Cypress Gardens as well. It looked like a Zamperla Showroom. I like the Luna Park name but still a bit nervous about the ride selection. Thing is Zamperla has great family rides and a few good thrill rides. but their coasters are terrible.

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