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Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Closed


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From the Six Flags Website:


Kentucky Kingdom Rejects Lease

Park to Close


Six Flags announced today that as it nears the scheduled end of its restructuring process, it has decided to reject its lease with the Kentucky State Fair Board relating to the Kentucky Kingdom park. In recent weeks, Six Flags had proposed a new lease arrangement to the fair board that would have enhanced the viability and future of the park. Unfortunately, those proposals were not accepted and the park will cease operations and the company will move expeditiously to re-locate employees and several of the more than 40 rides and attractions to one of its 13 other markets.


"We are deeply disappointed to be leaving such a great fan base in the greater metropolitan area of Louisville and we are grateful to the thousands of employees at Kentucky Kingdom and the millions of guests for their dedication, support and loyalty over the years," said Mark Shapiro, Six Flags President and CEO.


"This action relates solely to Kentucky Kingdom," Shapiro continued. "The substantial lease

payment has been a significant hurdle for this park in recent years. Our other parks, which reside

largely on company-owned land, will be completely unaffected and will open as scheduled for the full 2010 season."






Does the closing of Kentucky Kingdom mean that other Six Flags parks will be closing or sold?

Absolutely not...this is an isolated situation. The current lease was simply not sustainable in the current economic environment. The rent was way too high, making it extremely difficult for the park to achieve profitability year in and year out. Six Flags was hopeful that a deal could be reached with the State Fair Board to re-negotiate the lease price to keep the park open but the State Fair Board wouldn't budge. Therefore, we decided to reject the lease and cease operations, a right we are entitled to in our restructuring process. All of our other parks are profitable and are located largely on company-owned land, therefore the Kentucky Kingdom situation is not at all applicable.


Does this have anything to do with the restructure/bankruptcy?

As part of our restructuring process, we exercised our option to reject the current Kentucky Kingdom lease. Our goal was to renegotiate lease payment terms that would enhance the viability and future of the park. This is an isolated situation. In fact, the restructuring process will be completed in just a few short weeks. All of our other parks are profitable and will be opening for the 2010 season beginning in March and we are full steam ahead with a much improved balance sheet, after completion of the restructuring.


I have family members who bought season passes to Kentucky Kingdom. What happens now?

Costs for pre-purchased 2010 Season Passes will be 100% refunded. Notices will go out to Season

Pass holders shortly. We also invite those Season Pass holders to remain so, as their Passes will be valid at all other Six Flags Theme Parks throughout the 2010 Season. For those guests who choose to keep their Kentucky Kingdom Season Passes, we will be sending them four Bring-A-Friend Free Passes that will be valid at any of our other Six Flags parks as well.


What about employees of the park, what will happen to them?


We will be working with team members on an individual basis to assist during this transitional period. We will make every effort to relocate those team members who want to remain with the company to our 13 other markets. Kentucky Kingdom provided more teen jobs than any other business in the Louisville area.


What happens to the rides at Kentucky Kingdom?

We are still making those decisions, since we had been hopeful that we could keep the park open. We know that some of the rides and attractions will be relocated to other parks, though the final details are still being worked out.


Will prices at my local Six Flags be affected the closing of Kentucky Kingdom?

Absolutely not...Six Flags will remain an affordable family friendly entertainment option in our other locations. In fact, Season Pass pricing at many of our parks is the lowest in years.

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Not suprised at all,that park just seemed so out of place in the current Six Flags park line-up.If we do get flat's,I'm not to familiar of what they have or not there,but if they do have one,I just ask for there Swings ride!

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From Wikipedia:


Roller coasters

Thunder Run 1990 --A Dinn Corporation built wooden roller coaster, designed by Curtis D. Summers and John Fetterman.

Roller Skater 1994 --A Vekoma kiddie roller coaster, with roller skate shaped cars.

T2 1995 --Vekoma SLC roller coaster. Prototype version of the ride, 1st one in United States (2nd in the world).

Twisted Twins 1998 --Custom Coasters International dueling wooden roller coaster. Two sides are named Lola & Stella, ride was originally named Twisted Sisters. SBNO.

Road Runner Express 2000 --A Maurer Söhne wild mouse roller coaster.

Greezed Lightnin' 2003 --Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop roller coaster. Ride was moved from Six Flags Over Georgia and before that Six Flags Great America.


Current rides and attractions

Breakdance 1990 --Huss Breakdance (ride), Ride spins on a platform with a group of pods that spin in addition to the platform.

Bluebeard's Bounty 1990 --Swinging pirate ship

Tin Lizzies 1990 --Antique cars that run along a track, the ride was remodeled due to the construction of the rollercoaster Greezed Lightning.

Bumper Cars 1990 --Known as the Road Rage Cage in October for October fest.

Enterprise 1990 --Ride starts out flat, has an enclosed carrier with little restraints, ride begins spinning and lifts up onto its side like a Ferris wheel and then back down.

Thrill Park Theater 1996 --Motion picture simulator, Hydraulic pods/seats move in accordance with a movie.


The Giant Wheel 1992 --150 ft tall Vekoma Ferris wheel

The Penguin's Blizzard River 1999 --A white water raft ride. Parts of the ride were moved from the closed Opryland theme park

Flying Dutchman 1991 --Ride was previously located at Kings Island

International Carousel 1996

Mile High Falls 1994 --SBNO

The Zeppelin SBNO. Zeppelin themed spinning ride


Current children's rides

Looney Tunes Acme Fun Factory 1997 --SCS Interactive kids foam ball play area

Rio Grande 1998 --Zamperla Rio Grande, kiddie train ride. Opened for one season, then closed, new location opened in 2001.

Speedway 1998 --Kids spinning car ride

Sylvester and Tweety's Pounce and Bounce 2000 --Zamperla Jumpin' Star – kids drop tower

Frightfully Funny Free-Falling Fire Engine No. 9 --Zamperla Crazy Bus

Daffy's Star Parade --Kids Ferris wheel

Bugs Bunny's Big Band Carousel --Kids Carousel

A'wound the World in 80 Seconds --Zamperla Samba Balloons

Bigfoot --Kids battery powered jeeps

Taz's Filmworks --kids swings ride

Yosemite Sam's Hollywood Flight School --Kids bi-plane ride


Current extra charge attractions

Skycoaster 2001 --180ft. drop

The Wall 1999 --Climbable rock wall

Thrill Karts 1997 --Go-Karts


Splash Water Kingdom

Big Surf Wave Pool 1992 --Wave pool

Mt. Slide Hai 1992 -- 4 slides named - Voodoo Express, Forbidden Passage, Conquistador Canyon and Vanishing Falls

Hook's Lagoon 1998 --SCS Interactive Discovery Treehouse

Castaway Creek 1998 --Lazy river

Tornado 2005 --Proslide Technology Inc. Tornado Rattler - funnel shaped tube slide that uses four person "cloverleaf" or two person "whirly wheel" tubes)

Buccaneer Beach Remodeled 2007 --Kids play area

Deluge 2007 --Proslide Technology Inc. HydroMagnetic Rocket slide

Mega Wedgie 2008 --Proslide Technology Inc. Cannon Bowl

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I hope Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightning gets a new home and isn't just scrapped. I'd like to see it at a park like SFA or TGE or SFNE. Any one of them could use a good, small launched coaster like that. It's a GREAT ride!


I wonder how many of their rides were portables that could even be relocated for this season...if their Bumper Cars were a portable model they could easily be moved to GA ;)


It would be nice to see the Ferris Wheel moved to SFNE to replace the one they lost.

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^ That would be awesome.


I know it will never happen but I want Great Adventure to get Greezed Lightnin', the Tin Lizzies would be nice to get too since we really need some tame non kiddie rides in the park. The Zeppelin would be a good replacement for Pirate's Flight.

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It is always sad to see an amusement park closed and removed. On the other hand, it could potentially be really good for us. With one less park in the chain , Six Flags can spend more time and money on their other parks. I am happy that the rides are being moved to other parks. Some parks, Great Adventure in particular, really need some more rides.


They said in 2011 that every park will have a new ride, some of these rides I think may be from SFKK.

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Six Flags does not own all the "flat rides" at Kentucky Kingdom. Many rides, including the Ferris Wheel (Vekoma) were actually leased by Premier Parks from Chance and Vekoma upon acquiring the park from local Louisville businessman Ed Hart. Interestingly enough, it was Mr. Hart, not Premier Parks who was responsible for installing the property's larger attractions (namely Chang).


Eric Gieszl's Ultimaterollercoaster.com has a great discussion on Kentucky Kingdom, specifically from forum member "Shaggy".



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Rides that should come to GA-

The Antique Cars in the Western section UNDER the Log FLume like in the 1976 Park Map. The theme would work out fine.


The Mile High Falls

Rides that should be added to GA in the form of a indoor AMusement/Water Park

Roller Skater

Bumper Cars

Thrill Park Theater




Big Band Carousel

Yosemite Sam Plane Ride

Big Foot Convoy

Samba Balloons

Zamperla Crazy Bus

Rio Grande

Mount SLide Hai

Hook's Lagoon

Castaway Creek


Mega Weegee


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^ Little bit greedy? Don't forget there are still 13 other SF parks. Personally, as a SFGAm local, the only ride I really want from SFKK is the Ferris Wheel. Deluge would be nice as well, but I wouldn't mind it going elsewhere. Also, given that SF leased the land, no one seems to be sure if SF is allowed to take anything that was built before 1998, which applies to most of the flats, and all remaining coasters except Greezed Lightning and Road Runner Express

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If it is possible they couldn't take out any rides before 1998, what about Chang? That is already gone and opened in 1997. Or is that exempt because it was taken out before they announced the park would be closed?

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^ Little bit greedy? Don't forget there are still 13 other SF parks. Personally, as a SFGAm local, the only ride I really want from SFKK is the Ferris Wheel. Deluge would be nice as well, but I wouldn't mind it going elsewhere. Also, given that SF leased the land, no one seems to be sure if SF is allowed to take anything that was built before 1998, which applies to most of the flats, and all remaining coasters except Greezed Lightning and Road Runner Express

The ferris wheel was leased from Vekoma and was put in before 1998. I think it stays with the fair grounds. I wanted it to come to SFNE, we don't have anything high to observe from, our ferris wheel was taken out in 2006 because it was unreliable. At SFGAm atleast you guys have the observation tower.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Kentucky officials sue Six Flags for rides



The Associated Press February 22, 2010, 3:20PM ET


Kentucky officials are suing bankrupt theme park operator Six Flags Inc. over ownership of rides and equipment at a shuttered amusement park in Louisville.


State officials contend that the rides are considered fixtures to the land on which Kentucky Kingdom sits, much of which is owned by the Kentucky State Fair Board.


In a Delaware bankruptcy court filing, Kentucky officials are seeking a declaration that the state owns the rides, and an order preventing Six Flags from removing them.


The state filed the lawsuit late last week after learning that Six Flags had positioned trucks to begin removing equipment. It preceded the lawsuit with a letter to Six Flags instructing the company not to remove the rides.


Six Flags has filed a countersuit, claiming that it owns the rides and that the lawsuit by Kentucky is prohibited by the bankruptcy code. Six Flags is seeking court permission to remove the rides and a permanent restraining order prohibiting the state from trying to take possession.


A pretrial conference in the dispute is scheduled for April 14.


Kentucky officials have said at least four companies have expressed interest in taking over Kentucky Kingdom, and that a new operator could be in place by summer.

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  • 3 months later...

OK, the rumor has popped up again in a couple of places that Chang may be re-routed to GA. I'm not sure how much I believe that since SFGAm is supposed to be going for approval before the Gurnee board tomorrow, but then again they're just getting approval for a 150' coaster which could be anything. We'll have to wait and see, but I have to say I think it would make more sense for GAdv to get Chang than GAm.

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