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Day 11- Bring Back a Train Ride


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If I had to choose a route for the train it would have a station over near the Arena/Flume and run around the back of the lake over to a station near the Rapids overlook area. That way it could serve as transportation connecting the two ends of the park, run through scenic woodlands, and since it would be around the outside of the lake, you wouldn't have to worry about crossings where people run in front of the train trying to cross the path before the train does.

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This would be awesome. While it would not be quite the scale of the train in the Magic Kingdom in Disney, a train to serve as both a ride and transportaion in GA would be a welcome addition back to the park. And as was said above a train is so versatile that it could be incorporated easily into the special events currently at the park or which could eventually (Holiday in the Park someday) come to the park. Multiple stations would definately be great and thw two suggested sound like pretty good placement ideas. Also, if shows were added back into all fo the arenas, a train would serve as a great way to get accross the park from one to another, or just to escape when one side of the park seems particularly busy. And since the skyride shuts down in high or gusty winds, this would provide a more reliable form of transport in all weather.

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