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Day 12- Restore the Carousel


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carousel needs one, its enclosure and kinda off topic but since carousels cover looks similer to charachter cafe it also needs a new, detailed paintjob, now is the time to do it with the paint company they partnered with.

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The Carousel will never be as beautiful as it was when it was installed in the park due in part to the removal of the elaborate staircase that encircled the ride. For safety and handicap accessibility reasons, that probably can't be restored. However, there are several things that can be done to recapture some of its beauty:


- restore the horses and cockerels to their original paint schemes

- put the tails back on the horses

- lower the inside wall to it's original height to lessen the look of a fortress

- restore the etched glass mirrors that were replaced by plain ones

- remove the plexiglas in front of the old steam engine - it's no longer needed

- add the missing woodwork and detail to the upper portions of the carousel

- replace the long missing canvas cover on top of the ride itself

- improve the sound system


and finally

- add the original onion dome top back to the Carousel building.


The ride was 126 years old in 2007 and really needs some TLC.

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I think one thing that should be changed is that the pictures should be done to be more... family friendly. It's kinda odd seeing a couple of vultures picking at a dead corpse, or two animals fighting...




We are trying to get confirmation, but we believe the animal paintings found throughout the Carousel were added by Warner LeRoy as a way of paying tribute to the neighboring Safari Park. Most panels from Carousel rides of this era and origin were much more colorful and elaborate.

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^ Wow I really don't ever remember this paint scheme (some things just pass me by) but I think it looked excellent for the ride. It kind of gives it a majestic and royal or important feel which is what a ride that is over 125 years old deserves.


Even a more elaborate restoration closer to its original design would be nice as stated, but right now the ride certainly doesn't have the luster that it should be presenting.


By the way when was the onion dome taken of of the ride? If it was too long ago it might not even be around to be reinstalled unfortunately although I hope that's not the case.

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I Honestly dont pay that much detail to this ride, but it would look really nice with a great paintjob. The best thing to do for this ride ,I would think, is to make it look something like its original self back in the late 1800's early 1900's. Go old school with the ride as that would really bring out its antiqueness

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