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What's New at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2010?


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Here's a quick rundown of some of the changes for 2010:


-Houdini will be reopening this season. It is currently scheduled for operations Memorial Day through Labor Day (just like the Flume), but like the Flume it may open on other days as staff is available.


-The black light mini-golf has been replaced with TWO new games. The Kingpin Bowling will occupy one side of the building, and a new game called Heist will occupy the other. Heist is a game where you have to weave your way through a field of laser beams to get to you goal (like in the movies).


-There will be 3 express refill stations for the sport bottles (though they can be still be filled anywhere). this should make it much easier to get refills without waiting.


-Glow in the Park will run 5 days a week in the summer, with Tuesday and Wednesday nights off.


-Some of the park's restrooms will have new directory boards added to them, letting what the nearby attractions are.


-Season Pass Processing is moving to the old Alcatraz location because "construction has begun on the 2011 attraction going into the theater building".


-Papa Johns has moved from the Wildside location and into the Outpost Grill.


-The old Hocus Pocus/Cabana Rental building will now be an information center where they will do height checks and provide ride information as well as beign the lost and found in the park.


-New giant umbrellas have been added on the Boardwalk in front of the Foodcourt and in front of the Papa John's/Johnny Rockets near BTR, offering much more shade!

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Some pictures from opening day are now posted in my 2010 album!


Click here to see them all!


Here are a couple of previews:


The new chutes are in place on 6 of the eight:



The new pass processing (the line moved quickly):



It's much easier to spot the restrooms now:



Yummy sliders...



The new giant umbrellas:



Fantasy Fling looks great with its fresh paint:



The new guides at the restrooms are a great idea:



One of the two new character appearance locations:



It's great to see the schedule of who is appearing:




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Wow that processing line looks long, I was planning on going on a few rides and then going to add parking to my pass tomorrow. I think I'm going to change that and go right to the processing and get that taken care of first.

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no i mean we never got the figures that ranks the parks also



BTW-screamscape has been accurate in the past few years predicting what our park will get next and right now thier saying in 2011 we'll get a 5-d theater in the simulator theater. i wanted a dark ride, but atleast it's not another coaster <_<

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I guess "year two" of the Carousel didn't happen. The park's Facebook never answered me about it, and I haven't seen any pics. of it. I don't like the spot of the photo tent on Main st. I liked the store it buries, it had some of the "higher end" stuff in it and it does not fit with all the colonial building's, look's gaudy. They should move it over by the "Big Wheel" in all that open space.

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I put a post on the park's Facebook telling them how "gaudy" they look and the pulled it off the page. They took down the post. I sent Paul and Angel a message, see if anything comes of it. But since they pulled it, I think they agree and will move them. They seem a little "touchy" about it.

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Well, overall, I was pleased with the changes for 2010. I believe that the character stations could be themed a little better but I understand that they need to draw attention away from the crowds. Its a good idea but a little tweeking can be done within the coming weeks. I LOVE the idea of maps near and on the restrooms. Its actually helpfull for even people (me) who already know their way around the park. Now I know where the next restaraunt is....and then the next restroom. And my Dad and I agreed that although we didn't get any new rides, we still got major improvement and renovations at the park. That's actually unlike Six Flags but its a good start. Such as the new menu at Best of the West (which I saw 29yrswithaGApass at), the repainted Main Street Buildings, and the redone Parachutes!

In my opinion, these are all great ideas and good improvments since they are rarely done. If only Six Flags did this more often.... I think GA did a great job for opening day, despite some thechnical dificulties, and hopefully this great experience will continue on the season to come!

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Was it someone in a red jacket? I was already out on the patio.


I'm sorry, it might have been Tom. The person I saw was out on the patio. He did have a red jacket, if that helps. I didn't say anything because that person (either you or Tom) seemed to be in the middle of a conversation....

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