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Busch Gardens Named Most Beautiful Amusement Park

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From WJZ:


Busch Gardens Named Most Beautiful Amusement Park


JAMES CITY, Va. (AP) ― Amusement park enthusiasts are touting Busch Gardens in Virginia as the country's most beautiful amusement park.


Busch Gardens Europe in James City County earned the honor for the 20th consecutive year based on an annual survey by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. The group is dedicated to preserving and documenting the heritage of amusement parks.


The survey is the oldest of its type and highly regarded within the park industry and enthusiasts' circle.


Busch Gardens beat out Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., for the fifth straight year for the honor. The park also nabbed the second place spot for favorite theme park, which was topped by Walt Disney World.

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They don't necessarily need less coasters, they just need to theme them better, not painting them all obnoxious colors and making them all comic book character themed, whether it fits the park or not.


Busch knows how to build a coaster and theme it to blend with it's surroundings and add to the theming, instead of detracting from it.


They also didn't plow down all the trees in the park. That's a huge part of the beauty.

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I'm surprised Six Flags hasn't poached more of the Busch management team...they REALLY know how to run their parks!

Having friends who interned/worked for ESPN during Shapiro's tenure (ask WWE's Jim Ross about his plane ride with Mark Shapiro. He also found him to be as such.); I doubt they'd like to work for him. He's a tad egotistical. The only way I'd see Busch Management come to Six Flags is for senior positions such as the CEO role, or for big $$$ and certain budget guarantees for the parks. Mark Shapiro has been accessible, and I'll commend him for that. Most of his decisions, outside his "reality distortion field" have been suspect at best.


Busch Management teams used to being able to run top tiered parks, with appropriate backing. All the budget issues Six Flags has, along with the "No More Goliath/Tilt-A-Whirl" (i.e. big coasters and new "flats") edicts won't cut it with them.

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