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Halloween Events - UPDATED!


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Last night we did the Total Darkness indoor trail, having only been through it on opening day of FF this year. I was the lead on the rope. The light on our rope was super dim and we weren't ten feet inside the door when it totally went out. It is REALLY dark in there without ANY light. I was able to make it through by feeling along the wall and only went the wrong way (to a dead end) once. It really was TOTAL darkness.

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Today I received the pinback below. It is the first piece of memorabilia in my entire collection that references Halloweekends from the 1970s. It is strange that even the press materials from those years rarely mentioned the event. My only recollection of it was hearing a radio ad for Halloweekends while checking out of a grocery store with my mom back way in the late '70s.



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So, I recently visited the Great Adventure History Home Page and I saw all the updated stuff (which is amazing by the way, good job :D ) and i saw this photo on the bottom left, underneath the "History Timeline" link, with the cast of the Dead Man's Party's show. Now as a big fan of this show, I recognized it immediately, but it got me wondering.... which year was that photo taken? I wish to know :D 




P.S. If no one knows or is not allowed to say anything, I completely understand ^-^ 


Thanks much! 

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