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Great American Scream Machine Closed


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I just added a couple of pictures from the past couple of days (the 7th-10th).


Check them all out here!


Here are a couple of previews:


Using the basket to get at the structure and cut the track from the supports--



The lift is getting shorter and shorter each day--



They are jack hammering and pulling out the huge concrete footers so they can be carted away--



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Removal of the Scream Machine continues, although at a slower pace. Below are some photos from this morning.


I was thinking... wouldn't it be cool if they left the last loop until the end and toppled it during a media event announcing the new ride for 2011!





















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was at the park tonight and saw that all thats left of gasm is about 1/3 of the lift, 1/3 of the 1st drop and the 1st loop, chutes was up and running but with my 5 yr old i cant get on it, he wont ride it yet, but it looked like buisnes as usual around the park, are you sure that they didnt take out the lift on purpose?

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