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Dorney Park Opens Demon Drop

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From The Morning Call:


Demon Drop devilish

Dorney Park's newest ride, where you plummet 10 stories, is short, but intense.


Demon Drop, Dorney Park's newest thrill ride, is a little deceiving.


The rise to the top of the 131-foot drop tower seems to take forever. But once you get to the top and the car is thrust into the top of the drop chute, you feel surprisingly stable with heavy steel grating under your feet, even though you're suspended high in the air.


Then, without warning, you drop 10 stories. Your breath leaves your lungs in a rush as you free fall for 12 seconds ending up on your back at the end of the 99-foot track.


And it's over.


"It's a short ride, but intense," says Dorney Park public relations intern Melissa Goodfriend. "It's the only true free-fall ride in the park."


She says the 170-foot Dominator ride, also a free-fall style ride, uses propulsion while Demon Drop uses gravity to let the car drop down an elevator shaft, reaching a speed of 50 mph as it plummets.


She adds that the hilly terrain of the park adds to the ride's effect since the tower sits on a slightly elevated area making it seem as high as the taller Dominator from the top. Indeed, you can see the whole park from the top of the ride.


"It seems a lot higher when you're at the top than it looks," agreed Kevin Spector, 14, of Mahwah, N.J.


"This is the most original ride I've ever seen," gushed James Mesics 14, of Randolph N.J.


The teens were at the park with a summer camp when they took their first ride on the $2.5 million Demon Drop Wednesday and the ride earned an enthusiastic thumbs-up.


"It has the same adrenaline rush as Kingda Ka," Mesics said, referring to the popular ride at New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure billed as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.


"It feels like you are really are dropping in free-fall," added Diona Tooles, 13, of South Brunswick, N.J.


Although Demon Drop is the first new ride at Dorney Park in two years, it's not a "new" ride. The ride was at Dorney's sister park in Ohio, Cedar Point, for 25 years.


The ride was removed from Cedar Point in November and brought to Dorney over the winter. It was refurbished and painted before opening for the Fourth of July weekend.


"I have a couple of friends who rode it at Cedar Point and they said it's a completely different experience here," Goodfriend said.


The ride has six individual cars that hold four people seated side by side. Three cars are loaded at a time, then rise slowly up the tower. At the top, the car moves forward into the chute, then is released, dropping downward on a curve before coming to a stop.


Despite the ride's age, the drop is smooth and the car glides to a slow stop without a jolt. However, the movement of the cars in the station is a bit clunky.


Goodfriend said the ride has been running well since its opening with only an occasional stoppage.


Demon Drop, located in the lower east section of the park next to the Thundercreek Mountain log flume ride, replaced the Krazy Kars, a vintage bumper car ride.


Dorney's last new ride was Possessed, a U-shaped induction coaster, installed in 2008.

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INTAMIN still makes parts, they're just more expensive than the ride is worth. It's like putting expensive wheels on a Pinto...it just doesn't make sense, but when you're broke it's cheaper than buying a new BMW.

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Basiclly SF didn't want to hand out money for replacement parts for their old Freefall towers while CF is willing to spend the money for now. Also replacement parts are not the same as fancy wheels since those are optional dress up parts that cost more. They are not replacement parts as you could buy cheap factory steel rims and stock spec tires and the pinto would still be fine to drive but it won't be as cool.

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I have a feeling this kid was being facetious: ""This is the most original ride I've ever seen," gushed James Mesics 14, of Randolph N.J."


At least that's my hope :rolleyes:



I don't think so. for a 14 year old who has probably only been to Dorney Park, that's probably what he thinks.

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