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Queue Line Management at Great Adventure


Line Management  

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  1. 1. Which would you rather see at Great Adventure?

    • Assigned Seating with shorter wait times
    • Freedom of Choice with less efficient dispatches

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Years ago, Great Adventure use to manage ride line handling very different from today. They used a much more rigid approach that limited guests options as far as seat selection, however it did provide for greater efficiencies and shorter waits.


For example on coasters, the station would remain empty until a line greeter would assign and load guests into the individual train row queues. The trains would always leave the stations full with two (or four) guests in each row, and single riders would be easily paired up. This method also made it much easier for larger parties to be seated next to each other on the same trains. Guests wanting the front or back rows were able to step aside and wait for the next load group. Some parks (including Disney) still use this approach today instead of letting guests just randomly pick rows and hope for the best.


On flat cycle rides, the queue use to end with a bullpen area - a large fenced in area that would accomodate just enough guests on stand-by for the next ride. By counting off and grouping just the right amount of people, the operator would simply need to open the bullpen gate and give access to a full load of waiting guests. The Enterprise and Flying Wave had these bullpen areas, unlike the Twister with its staight line queue. Houdini has a bullpen today.


Over the years it seems that these line management techniques have been eliminated in favor of reduced staffing. Some would argue that having more hosts on some rides in the stations alone would help speed up the lines.


So which would you rather have? "Assigned Seating" with shorter wait times or "Freedom of Choice" with less efficient dispatches?





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I voted for freedom of choice because I like to choose where I sit. For Rolling Thunder I like non wheel seats because it is a smoother ride, for RMT I like the front row of a car because it has more legroom. With Scream Machine it was the same thing with the front row of each car having more room and I found the front of the train smoother. And for Skull Mountain I almost always get the back row of a car since it has more leg room.


To make up for lower capacity they could take the person assigning rows and have them check restraints instead. My last trip to the park had 3 people checking restraints at Bizarro instead of the usual 2 and the difference was amazing. With 3 people there was little to no stacking.

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I voted for Assigned because not only is it more efficient, it makes the experience more organized when you visit the park. It seems like Six Flags is starting this up again, because you get assigned seats for Terminator at SFMM.


I think that the park should just use this on the most popular steel rides, like Kingda Ka, Superman, Batman, and Bizarro. Nitro and El Toro should stay untouched since people usually prefer certain seats. RMT, Rolling Thunder, and Skully having them would just be a waste of staff since they usually never have lines.


But I truly hope Chang is built with a single-rider line.

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Flashpass only supports the need even more. Inserting large groups of people into the mix from the exit ramps delays loading and confuses and angers waiting riders. Assigning seats would solve this problem.


I'm one of those people who gets really mad abot the Flash Pass.

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Well I just posted about the Congo Rapids dilemma so I won't rehash it here. I would like assigned seating just for because we get that herd mentality and we need guidance. It would suck for some us who have a preference for a particular section or seat but I believe we our outnumbered. I can sacrifice that if it means not getting stuck behind some summer-sun ripened guests clogging up the ride station enterance.


Happy GA-dventuring!

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I voted for freedom of choice because I like to choose where I sit. For Rolling Thunder I like non wheel seats because it is a smoother ride.


I was going to say the exact same thing, right down to the reasons. I'll choose seats according to their wheel positioning to smooth things out when necessary. On Batman, it's the front row or nothing since you can hardly see anywhere else. On Skull Mountain, I always sit in the very back just to get that great whip over the lift hill during the first drop -- without freedom of choice, I'd probably opt to skip those both.

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I voted for freedom of choice, I like to sit in at least the front row of a car if not the train. But I guess it doesn't matter to much for B&M coasters since every row is it's own car. But as pashacar said, GADV has bigger problems to take care of and there are much better ways to improve loading efficiency.

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