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Day 24- Add a Hotel


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Our wish for day 24:




Add a hotel/hotel waterpark. This is something that the park has had plans for in one form or another since 1973, and has not yet built. It's really time to do this and work towards bringing the park to its full potential. If Six Flags can't afford it, they should look to creating a joint venture with Great Wolf or Kalahari or Marriott or some hotel chain.


I would love to see a lodge type hotel built on the opposite side of the Great Lake from the theme park.

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I live less than an hour from the park but I can picture staying at a Six Flags hotel for a "special event" or two like opening weekend, a night during Fright Fest, or even for a Winter Event getaway.


A hotel would be very popular given the number of out of state license plates found in the parking lot. With three gated attractions, the hotel would help transform Great Adventure into a true multi-day destination.

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I definately think that a hotel would be a great idea. As was said with the three large attractions to take part in, I am sure they would get a ton of people who would be willing to get a full weekend's worht of activities in for their trip.


If the hotel was on the other side of the lake, they could perhaps look into creating a shuttle to the parks by bus, and maybe even some sort of water ferry or shuttle between the hotel and the main park for guests who have their tickets already. They could have their tickets collected at the hotel and then just be transported to the mai park with possibly a scanabale band that shows what parks they have paid entrance to for the day and go from there. It would certainly add to the convenience fr the people who want to use the hotel. It would also be great for any corporate events who might have people come in from out of state.


Possibly putting a restaurant in the hotel is also something that could take place. It could be used by both the hotel patrons and reservations could possibly be made by guests at the park that day. It would certainly be a different experience.

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