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Six Flags New Orleans: 5 Years Later

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Source: The Atlantic


Six Flags New Orleans: 5 Years Later

Aug 28 2010, 2:05 PM ET


In 2009, the city of New Orleans terminated its 75-year lease with Six Flags, Inc. After flooding during Hurricane Katrina, the amusement park had for four years sat abandoned on the eastern edge of the city. Today, on the fifth anniversary of the disaster, redevelopment plans have fallen through and the site remains an eerie reminder of a more carefree time.













It is creepy to see a park abandoned like this!

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It's a shame SF can't get more of the rides out of the park. The boomerang or Wild Mouse could go to a smaller park that needs a new coaster like SFA. Even if the rides needed a lot of work, it would probably still be cheaper than buying a new ride.

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^ I love it how sympathetic you are for the people in New Orleans. Yeah, sure, I feel bad for you - but could you please send us those rides?


I'll admit - that was my first thought when SFOG flooded. Then I realized how many times that happened...


But serious - that was a serious disaster and a lot of people lost their lives and loved ones, let alone their amusement parks. Show some sympathy.

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You're criticizing Yoshi? How about Six Flags for just DUMPING the park flat after they realized they could no longer make money off of it!


Six Flags made a correct decision not to reopen the park. The New Orleans park underperformed BEFORE Katrina. With a smaller population to draw from combined with the fact that they had more important things to worry about rebuilding than a theme park there was no way they could make it work. That's why even after the park was given back to the city no one is willing to (or can get the financing to) redevelop it.


When it comes down to it, Six Flags should never have bought the park or invested in developing it to start with.




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Those are sad pictures, I was there when it was Jazzland in 2001. In my mind's eye I can still see everything all nice, new, and clean. I remember seeing ads for it on the Hotel's TV. I rode most of the rides in those pictures and I even used the restroom in the one picture. One of the reasons Jazzland/SFNO performed so badly was that despite being a very nice park, it was in a bad suburb of NO. Most of the eastern side of NO's metro area is very rough, probably even worse now than it was in 2001. I remember the nearby hotel I stayed at was built like a fort with only one way in or out, there were no side exits at all.

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Guest racinggal17

Is anyone gonna rebuild Six Flags New Orleans, if not, what's gonna happen to it?

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