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I just found an example of Rolling Thunder's Station Music. This Brings Back Memories!  

Rolling Thunder use to look impressive at night. This photo was taken in 1980.  

Here are two pieces of memorabilia from Rolling Thunder - a piece a wood and a piece of the track plate.    

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Ooooooooooo nnnnnnñoooooooo!!!!!!!!


I just noticed on Six flags web site Rolling Thunder is listed as 'temporarily closed' and someone commented that they went on Saturday 9/7 and Rt was closed. does this mean that it broke ll not be open today either?

Did anyone go to the park last night that can confirm this? I was planning on going today with the family but if RT is closed for good I am gonna pass.

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Hopefully the park will realize what an awful mistake this is before the crews come out and rip it down. While I think Zumanjaro is a good addition to the park, and will attract a fair crowd, I do not agree with the decision to remove Thunder. I would like to think of the tower and the rolling thunder removal separately; Tower= good, awesome ride that I'm looking forward to. Will attract guests. Removal of Rolling Thunder: Terrible. Obviously "making room for a path" is a bluff and there's a less pretty sounding reason behind it. The more I've read on over the past week, the more I see how messed up this move is. It shouldn't matter what issues it has; fix it, we all know its easily fixable. Any great park just simply shouldn't heartlessly remove their classic wooden coaster, it's an icon of any park.

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Hopefully the park will realize what an awful mistake this is before the crews come out and rip it down.

Unfortunately I doubt that will happen, they will probably start ripping it apart tomorrow.

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I would guess this was a staffing decision. They are always short staffed in the fall and RT required a relatively large staff for relatively few riders.


I'm guessing they are working on mothballing it now and figuring out which park the trains will be sent to (or sold to). Demolition will be relatively quick and they may be waiting until after the park is closed for the season simply because it will be easier/safer to work around El Toro when they don't have to worry about it reopening for months.


IRM just relisted the GASM trains sitting in RT's infield, and I'm kind of surprised that they don't have a listing for four PTC trains as well: http://www.irmpri.com/product.htm

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its not going anywhere but to a recycling center, anyone who attended ROTB this year is a proud owner of a section of track from the ride...

Why is it that the few folks who were part of ROTB get this privilage not die hard RT fans? This is one of those pr spins that is a disingenuous bunch of bull (excuse the pun).


sfga should have done something separate for RT, even it was an online request for a piece of history. The fans deserved it. But of course that would have drawn too much attention to RT's removal, which I am sure is not what they wanted.

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I like that! The lyrics of the song fit the video very well!


The picture jasondhsd posted makes me wonder how El Toro's twister section will look now that it won't be hidden by RT. A lot of new views should be opened up for it.

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