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How many rollercoasters have you been on?


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Roller Coasters CoasterHarrisons Ridden

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


2. Barn stormer


3. Dahlonega Mine Train


4. Canyon Blaster


5. Mind Bender


6. Great American Scream Machine


7. Dare Devil Dive


8. Batman: The Ride


9. Georgia Cyclone


10. Georgia Scorcher


11. Superman: Ultimate Flight


12. Goliath


13. Ninja


14. Wild Eagle


15. Tennessee Tornado


16. Mystery Mine


17. Thunder Head


18. Blazing Fury


19. Green Lantern


20. Superman: Ultimate Flight


21. Kingda Ka


22. Bizzaro


23. Nitro


24. Skull Mountain


25. El Toro


26. Runaway Mine Train


27. Top Thrill Dragster


28. Magnum XL-200


29. Gemini Red


30. Gemini Blue


31. Mean Streak


32. Millennium Force


33. Mantis


34. Iron Dragon


35. Raptor


36. Blue Streak


37. Cedar Creek Mine Ride


38. Maverick


40. Wicked Twister


41. Howler


42. Raven


43. Legend


44. Voyage


44. Dominator


46. Backlot Stunt Coaster


47. Volcano: The Blast Coaster


48. Avalanche


49. Intimidator 305


50. Rebel Yell Blue


51. Rebel Yell Red


52. Grizzly


53. Hurler


54. Shockwave


55. Ricochet


Types of Coasters Harrisons Ridden


Steel: Looping, B&M 7 inversion, B&M Floorless, B&M Stand-up, B&M Inverted, B&M Hyper, Suspended, Mack Bobsled, Arrow Hyper, Intiman Giga, Togo Stand-up, Wild Mouse, B&M Wing Coaster, B&M Dive Machine, B&M Flying, Euro Fighter, Arrow Mine train, Junior, Strata, B&M Looping, Impulse, launched


Wood: Twister, Racer, Hybrid (wood, steel), Hybrid (steel, wood), Out and Back, classic



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El Toro


Scream Machine


Skull Mt






Batman the ride (SFGAdv)


Dark Knight


Runaway Mine Train




Rolling Thunder


Chiller (both sides)


Green Lantern


Blackbeard's Train


The Joker


Kingda Ka


Jersey Devil


Steel Force




Thunder Hawk








Wild Mouse




Lil' Laser


Great Bear








Lightning Racer


Storm Runner




Roller Soaker




Super Duper Looper


Wild Mouse




Laff Trakk




The Great Nor' Easter


Sea Serpent


The Great White


The Doo Wopper


Runaway Tram


Jack Rabbit


Joker's Jinx






Superman Ride of Steel


The Wild One


Two Face


Mind Eraser


Typhoon Sea Coaster






Rebel Yell




Shockwave (KD)






Flight of Fear


Volcano, The Blast Coaster


Ghoster Coaster


Hypersonic XLC


River King Mine Train


Mr Freeze (SFStL)


The Boss


Screamin' Eagle


Ninja (SFStL)


Batman the ride (SFStL)


Big Thunder Mt (WDW)


Space Mt (WDW)


Goofy's Barnstormer


Rockin Roller Coaster




Big Thunder Mt (DL)


Space Mt (DL)


Gadget's Go coaster


California Screamin'


Goofys Sky School


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train




Calico Mine Ride


Montezooma's Revenge




Sierra Sidewinder




Silver Bullet


Xcelerator, The Ride


Pony Express


Coast Rider






Batman: The Ride (SFMM)




Ninja (SFMM)




Mega Zeph (SFNO)




Texas Cyclone


Ultra Twister


Greezed Lightnin' (SFAW)




Batman The Escape


Mayan Mindbender


Serial Thriller


Shock Wave (SFOT)


Batman the ride (SFOT)


Texas Giant


Runaway Mountain


Mini Mine Train


Runaway Mine Train (SFOT)


Alpine Coaster


Cliffhanger Roller Coaster


Wildwest Express Coaster


The Mummy's Revenge


Hollywood, Rip, Ride, Rockit


Escape From Gringotts


The Hulk


Dueling Dragons


Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure


Flight of the Hippogriff


Chaos (Opryland)


The Screamin' Delta Demon (Opryland)










Sand Serpent




White Lightning


Freedom Flyer




Pirates Hideaway


Hot Tamales


Kingdom Coaster


Merlin's Mayhem




Pirates Gold Rush


140 so far. There are a lot of defunct coasters on my list.

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As of the beginning of July I am up to 93 coasters (or 94 if you count both sides of Kennywood's Racer but I think it counts as 1 since it's a mobius coaster). Hopefully I will get to 100 by next year.

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Ive been on 143 and my 15 yr old daughter has been on 122. She actually hit 100 when she was 10 years old (thanks to a MAXX season pass to Dorney and a trip to Ohio to hit Geauga, CP and KI; a trip to Hershey, Knoebels, KD and of course Gadv). I was on a rotating 4 day work week that year (2007) and had alot of weekdays off along with vacation time and 5 days off in a row.


I have not put in my 13 year old son yet in Coastercounter, but he might be at around 35-40. He was a late bloomer and took him alot longer to get the courage to ride.




edit: Just put my son in coastercounter.com and he is at 52.

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2014 update: 96, since my last post from July 2013 I added Pirates Gold Rush, Skyrush and El Toro to my coaster count. This is the first year I didn't get to any parks other than Great Adventure or Dorney since 2005 otherwise I probably would have gotten to 100 this year like I had planned to. Hopefully that will happen next year.

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Only squeezed in 1 new coaster this year (I could have hit a few in AC but never did) so i'm hanging in there at 147.


My daughter (age 16) rode 3 new ones this year (all at SFA) so she is up to 126.


My son (age 14) is still stuck at 49.


Light year this year... wanted to go to Six Flags New England this year but never did. Hopefully next year we will get in alot more.

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I am at 123 coasters, with 27 new coasters ridden this year the most I have ever had in 1 single year.



Update, after Canobie Lake I am up to 127 coasters with 31 new coasters ridden this year.

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