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GAH's "Where in the Park?" Contest


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The staff of GreatAdventureHistory.com is proud to announce that the winner of our first GAH Contest is ........

redsoxfan0810 !!!


We actually had a three way tie with redsoxfan0810, MRHS Falcons, and coastn all submitting the most correct responses - 16 out of 25! redsoxfan0810 submitted his responses first and is now the proud owner of a GreatAdventureHistory.com Time Capsule!




To see the all the answers to the "Where in the Park?" quiz, click on the link below for a video presentation of all the tricky photos.


Where in the Park? Photos and Answers Link




Congratulations Dan - we'll contact you shortly to arrange delivery of your prize.


Thanks to everyone for submitting your entries and watch for another exciting (and maybe easier!) contest coming this Spring!

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Congrats, i very surprise i got that many write. the sad part is some of the stuff i got wrong i passed everyday at work and never even relized it until now. This was fun to do and somewhat challeging. i will also admitt i am surprised at the score i got.

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