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The Golden Kingdom Construction

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This is the second spotlight that kind of made me sad to write. To see how much effort went into create a real themed area and to know that so much has been neglected and lost is really disappointing. I understand the realities of business and the company being in bankruptcy derailed so many plans and projects, but it's sad to see what was and think about what could have been. :/

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Excellent spotlight. So will the following spotlights will all be Golden Kingdom related?

The other Golden Kingdom spotlights will be coming though not necessarily as the next few. We've got so many in the pipeline right now and the GK spotlights are all HUGE because we have so many pictures for them. This one took me a long time to work up. Probably we'll end up doing one a month.

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I remember the park having a GK preview during that year's coasters after dark, they even gave out free soda! While I did thought it was well themed during the preview I also saw that it was a very poorly lit area. The lighting in that section is just very poorly designed, especially around KK. When GK first opened they used to have many Trachycarpus palm trees, a cold hardy type from China but all of them died and you can still spot the cut off stumps in the ground. Most of them where planted in poor drainage areas which is really bad for most palms. Over by KK's station, Needle palms are still growing, they are a much stronger cold hardy palm but they don't grow high. They are just a ground level fan palm.

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