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Day 4- Themed area music

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Having themed music throughout the park goes a LONG way to make the park a more magical experience. The current pop music being played in the Main Street and Fantasy Forest and Boardwalk areas is just awful. Instead of taking you out of the everyday world, your thrust into a teenagers crappy i-pod. Themed music like in the Golden Kingdom, Movie Town and the Outer Mall helps really set the mood and makes the areas unique and special.

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Themed music would be great. I really don't want to hear Hannah Montana while standing in line for Green Lantern that I heard in October or other Disney music for that matter. Disney music is great when you are in Disney World but not at a Six Flags park.

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It would really add to the park if they added theme music to the whole park. Some sections such as the golden kingdom have themed music which really adds on to an area. Unfortunately, much of the park has horrible and annoying music you would hear on the radio or a teenagers iPod that takes away from the area. I really do hope in the future Six Flags will have the entire park playing music that adds to the area. But sadly they probably won't.

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