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Awesome spotlight! I'd love to see what that controller looked like. I don't think I ever saw Sci-Fi at Great Adventure, but I very distinctly remember the time he came to our elementary classroom. Everyone loved him! By the end of the visit, I was desperately trying to figure out a way that I could get my own similar robot to hang around the house. With an interactive robot, life would be so great. My plan was obvious -- I'd head straight home, dump my beloved Commodore 64 straight in the trash (I wouldn't need it if I had a robot), and then start clearing out my bedroom so that a robot like Sci-Fi had enough room to roll around. My dreams were dashed when a girl in class pointed out that there was a man lurking in the hallway peeking into the classroom and talking into his hand. Dang!


I finally got my wish 25 years later in the form of a robot lawnmower. It doesn't entertain me with witty banter, but it does keep the yard looking tidy. Meh, good enough.

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I remember Sci-Fi quite well. He used to let kids stand on the little platform on his front while he spinned like a little flat ride, probably could no longer do that these days. I remember one time the park had him dressed in Lederhosen for Octoberfest.


Sadly with the more rowdy crowds GADV seems to draw these days, if Sci-Fi was put back into service he would probably need bodyguards.

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I don't doubt he's tough, still would like to see him make some kind of a comeback. Kind of a shame they never built more Sci-Fis for the other SF parks. I guess this shows that the SF chain has a long history of projects getting put to the wayside due to the many management changes. Like what happened with the sim theater.

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