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i dont thimk it was a great idea to get rid of balins, it was always crowded with kids and the play structures were a good place for kids to play while parents relaxed for a little while, id really like to see the return of the play structures, even putting themn at the end of the safari would be cool

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After doing a little in-depth examination of the original rendering for the Golden Kingdom, some interesting details have surfaced about features for Balin's Jungleland that differed from what was actually constructed.


Below is an overview of the Balin's Jungleland section:

BalinsMod copy.jpg


Details include:

(1) Dig site with a huge human head sculpture unearthed:

BalinsDigSite copy.jpg


(2) An airplane ride - a rethemed version of Bugs Bunny Land's Bugs Bunny Barnstormers.  This ride was instead sent to the Great Escape.

BalinsPlanes copy.jpg


(3) A cars ride - most likely Bugs Bunny Land's Daffy Duck's Magic Motorcade.  The ride was instead sent to the park's boneyard.

BalinsCars copy.jpg


(4) A children's Lolli Swing ride - probably would have been the Taz Tornado swings ride relocated from Looney Tunes Seaport.

BalinsLolli copy.jpg


(5) A massive treehouse - replaced by Tigerland Treehouse which was more of a significant structure while less tree-like.

BalinsTreehouse copy.jpg

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