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sherlock holmes coaster


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Today while waiting for BR, i just thinking of all the chiller/old country space. The fact that i'd rather put theming over thrills 9 rout of 10 times(nitro and el toro are perfect the way they are), andf the fact i was up untilll 3am last night watching Sherlock Holmes with Robert downey jr got my mind going into a flurry of ehat could replace the site. Sherlock holmes had proved a very popular and profitable, but never theme park used comodity, and if any park, why not six flags great adventure? I came up with an idea that was a step down from Curse of DarKastle(a simple coaster, not motion bases, yet comparable theming) that still a huge step up from six Flags


The whole idea grew out of an idea to expand Old country's focus to a more centralized "europe" theme because i've had countless friends believe old country is Six Flags way of ripping off busch Gardens.


The ride would encompass the entire space from whereMusik Express was and behind Dark Knight curently a backstage area and call for demoltion of all of Chiller's structures, except maybe the gift shop.


The journey would begin by going through an outdoor quenue themed after the ceremony in the first film approaching the show building that resembles the parliament building and a replica big ben .The feel of Victorian England would be slightly given away by wrought iron fenses, period era lighting and possibly a hearse. Headstones would be everywhere, but made out of more durable material than vipers had previously been. At the end of the quenue would be the tomb that the villian from the first film, Lord Blackwood, destroyed and "rose from the dead". visitors would then go into the huge show building going through a small hallway like area that closely resembles the labratory found early on in the first film. Guess would then ascend to the street, dressed as a typical Victorian London street at night, but nothing more than simple lighting and 2-d facades. We would then come across a carriage that had a projection of Jude Law explaning the journey we are about to go on, taking the shape of kind of a walk by preshow, like Curse of Darkastle now used to have. We would then come upon the loading platform at the end of the street and find that the ride system is nothing more than a Vekoma motocoaster retofitted with horses in lieu of motorcycles. After taking off, the ride would begin a brief drak ride sequence where we are met with a carriage on each side of us, one with a projected robert Downey jr as Holmes, and another again with Jude Law as Watson, with some bickering between the two. Then, the infamous Lord blackwood would be revelaed with a simple Pepper's ghost type effect from above the track. the ride would then become an EXTREMELY dimly lit indoor coaster, but with a soundtrack of galloping horses to maintain authenticit as to thats how we're getting around the city. Another short dark ride sequence would follow us at a mid ride brake run themed to the slaughterhouse seen in one seen of the film where we narrowly escape. The ride would once again continue in the dark for about 15 more seconds before the final drop and break run takes us under the English Parliament building where a projected Holmes would explain he found and dismantled Blackwood invention, also visible and the ride would exit. Unlike other rides at Six Flags, the ride would have a separate entry and exit point with riders exiting into a small giftshop, really chiller's old one but attached to the building this time.


BTW Dont call me out on any writing mistakes on this. I typed it on my iphone while waiting for Nitro after wards XP

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That sounds like a pretty good idea. What company made the Sherlock Homes films?


Silver pictures and village roadshow picture. It was distributed by Warner brothers which would make it a possible choice for a coaster at the park.

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